Was riding across the Harbour Bridge on Sunday arvo and came across some clowns taking photos for a wedding on the bike path.

It's a Sunday, what do you expect I hear people ask? I expect to see a parent helping their kid riding across, I expect and hope to see more kids riding by them selves and a little bit out of control, which I saw both of. What I don't expect is people blocking the path, about to blindly step (blue dress) into my way for a photo session. It's a bike path! Would they think it's okay to do that on the deck of the Harbour Bridge?

Anyway you can see things like this get me riled up and is one of the reasons I don't like riding on the bike paths in the city and yes, I probably did ride through to fast for some peoples liking (If I was driving a car it would've been fine at that speed because people expect that, just like they expect cars to kill). I checked the speed I was going when I got home and it was ~30km/h not unreasonable but it got me thinking about Strava and it being used against cyclists by the Police, Terror etc. you know, something about cyclist terrorising innocent pedestrians on bike paths - the hypocrisy of it wouldn't be noticed. I checked Strava and a segment for that bit of the bridge;


has been marked as hazardous, cool no fodder.

So I got home last night feeling especially ill and having been overtaken twice on uphill sections (overtaking on downhill sections on SUP's, Anzac bridge being a stand out is for another thread), which I'm not overly used to and noticed that I'd got a medal? It was for a section on that part of the Bridge;


Some investigation and it was new, really bloody short (0.0km so something like 90m) so prone to huge errors due to when the GPS actually records when you are riding the segment. Either someone is a bit daft or it's a set up, I'm leaning towards the later. The segment is now marked as hazardous.

So am I paranoid?

How do you go about getting segments on Strava deleted?

Should we approach Strava about who can actually set up segments?

How do you find out who set up a segment?

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Yeah, I commute over the bridge to work on weekends and see the weddings. It is a bit annoying at first, but I try to remember that this is their 'special day', even though I feel like I'm dodging weddings each week. In the end, it's just another hazard, you can see it coming a mile off, and it doesn't take that much effort to slow down, wave and say congratulations.

But I agree, you do need to slow down more than you think because they can be unpredictable. Watch out around the cars parked up the road too.

Are wedding photos on the bridge more annoying than the Kirribilli Markets which completely block access to the northern steps on weekends?

Avoiding these markets is another great reason to build the ramp...  They are a real pain to get through.

No, not really, as it's a shared and North Sydney council so par for the course.

The CoS end I expect better from.

To elaborate further the amount of space we get is minuscule and when it's blocked by individuals for totally stupid reasons (there's a whole hill etc to take photos in) it's gets under my skin but since we are only fighting for scraps, I shouldn't but it does ...

Weddings at Observatory Hill are the pits! I've almost been taken out several times by limos, family members blocking the cycle ramp with cars and themselves. I was chased by members of a wedding party after they surrounded me at the bubbler when they found out that a cyclist had taken a photo of an illegally parked car. 

The whole premise of a wedding is a joke, but that is for another forum.

So why make the point?

Hater's gotta hate I guess

Some investigation and it was new, really bloody short (0.0km so something like 90m)

I've seen the same thing on Bourke Rd and Bourke St cycleways. Also found two more on the Anzac Pde SUP. They are marked as bike counters. 

This one was across a counter as well, so maybe I'm being paranoid.

But I've seen differences of 2s on a segment from one GPS device to another, and that's not a function of the length but the start and stop points. And the last segment I posted had times of 3s, so with badly timed (or good depending at what you are aiming at) GPS points that could be 1s and triple your actually speed. You can imagine ACA having a field day with numbers like that.

Oh yeah - I held a KOM on Bourke Rd with 200 odd other riders before the sector got shut down.  it was one f these bike counter ones. I was getting emails every afternoon saying someone had matched my time. 1s was equal first place and the speed varied from 100km/h to 253km/h from device to device. I'm can be quick, but that's a little insane.

So, the backdrop to their wedding photo is a fence with barbed wire? Romantic eh!

taken along the path axis and with narrow depth of field the line the path creates heading away (vanishing point) from a kissing couple can be interpreted as a path to their future. I can understand where the photographer wanted to go with this, bike path is not the best place for it, true.


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