Was riding across the Harbour Bridge on Sunday arvo and came across some clowns taking photos for a wedding on the bike path.

It's a Sunday, what do you expect I hear people ask? I expect to see a parent helping their kid riding across, I expect and hope to see more kids riding by them selves and a little bit out of control, which I saw both of. What I don't expect is people blocking the path, about to blindly step (blue dress) into my way for a photo session. It's a bike path! Would they think it's okay to do that on the deck of the Harbour Bridge?

Anyway you can see things like this get me riled up and is one of the reasons I don't like riding on the bike paths in the city and yes, I probably did ride through to fast for some peoples liking (If I was driving a car it would've been fine at that speed because people expect that, just like they expect cars to kill). I checked the speed I was going when I got home and it was ~30km/h not unreasonable but it got me thinking about Strava and it being used against cyclists by the Police, Terror etc. you know, something about cyclist terrorising innocent pedestrians on bike paths - the hypocrisy of it wouldn't be noticed. I checked Strava and a segment for that bit of the bridge;


has been marked as hazardous, cool no fodder.

So I got home last night feeling especially ill and having been overtaken twice on uphill sections (overtaking on downhill sections on SUP's, Anzac bridge being a stand out is for another thread), which I'm not overly used to and noticed that I'd got a medal? It was for a section on that part of the Bridge;


Some investigation and it was new, really bloody short (0.0km so something like 90m) so prone to huge errors due to when the GPS actually records when you are riding the segment. Either someone is a bit daft or it's a set up, I'm leaning towards the later. The segment is now marked as hazardous.

So am I paranoid?

How do you go about getting segments on Strava deleted?

Should we approach Strava about who can actually set up segments?

How do you find out who set up a segment?

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There's always the path on the other side with aguably better views. Surely it's not that hard to get the same shot 50m away?

There are too many tourists on that side of the bridge - a Sunday morning would almost assure a clear path on the west side of the bridge.

There are from time to time, issues on which to make a stand.

I don't think this fits that premise. Just be sure to ride over the train of her dress to make your point & produce another hater.

Oh, I can see the ACA headline now "Cyclists destroy couples dream day"

Yeah agreed, the other two times I have found a truck and a car parked across the exit I have spoken to the security guard on the way across or turned around and gone back to speak to them, which I didn't do this time!

It was more the coincidence of the Strava segment turning up the day after, and being so short, it could have completely unrealistic speeds (mine was 8km/h faster than the my average), that worried me.

p.s I'm pretty sure the train would of got caught up in my wheels and hence gears it was so fluffy and I would of been one pissed/hurt  

Get over it . . . it will be worse when she gets a BMW X5 and starts dropping the kids at school while talking on the mobile phone.

It's the circle of life . . . . talk to me then.

Oh gee thanks Mr Fagan.

You see, we irritate and endanger the cyclists Simba, and then we irritate and endanger the cyclists Simba.  It is part of the circle, the circle of RTA.

I just had a thought. If they wanted the perfect photo, why not give them one - fake a flat tyre just up the path a bit and when bending over, give them lots of ass crack. Eventually the photographer would ask you to leave, to which you can reply that it is in fact a bicycle only path and pedestrians can - and regularly do - receive a $500 fine for being on the path. Mention also that you have contact the SHB security and an officer will be able to assist him in the next 5 to 10 minutes. Then get back to you ass crack display.

Kind of makes me want to ride back and forth over the bridge each Sunday morning just to bomb them.


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