About time the lack of enforcement MHL made the news


And great picture of the child carried by the lady on the right.

It's not just about the cyclist someone did a power trip punishment pass on, it's the impact to their families.
I can only hope the NSW Police pulls their finger out soon.

Also, I'm happy to see it's filed under "Road Safety" instead of "Sport"

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Print edition has photos of young male roadie types, nothing against them as they probably bear the brunt of motorist aggression, but pity they didn't go for a family shot or female riding to work etc.

its what the WMP officer said, if drivers are stopping people from cycling then he will go after them, and he seems to have started a bit of a revolution in UK, with other police forces saying and doing similar, using undercover police on bikes.

You can't help shaking your head at the hypocrisy of the police not enforcing the "metre matters" law, but expecting everyone to give them heaps of room when they have their disco lights flashing on the side of the road. I think that they are trialing a 40kph speed limit where the lights are flashing in SA. No doubt it will follow here.

NSW from 1/9/2018

We all know police lives matter, citizens, at least on two wheels, are of course asking for it and deserve everything they get! 

Last night's news had the government proposing new 40kmh zones in certain high density pedestrian areas, interestingly, Luke Foley appeared like he was going to oppose, pushing the revenue raiser line. Pavey was trumpeting reduced fines earlier in the weekend too following the disqualified driver easing, so election mode in full swing.

Putting political scores ahead of safety is a truly shitty thing to do.

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This picture? 

I count 7 ladies + one child who will be at risk of a driver with no patience and the lack of Police enforcement

Watch out, they might think you're referring to the MHL law.

The whole thing is just so crazy. You can tell from some of the comments people don't fully comprehend the real issues.

Road safety is not common sense apparently. The one sided view from motorists needs to be challenged by politicians, police and media BUT they mostly hold the one sided view.

I have opinions on lots of subject matters, but when I've nil experience or knowledge in the area I keep them to myself. Better to have people think I'm ill informed on something than to open my mouth and confirm it. But in the comments section..... *vomit*

Really hope this climate changes before we waste more piles of cash on more roads that make the problem worse, not to mention the riders being killed and maimed for clicks.

High time for a Royal Commission into road safety from pedestrians, to bikes, to cars, trucks etc... examine issues like $/load, enforcement etc...


"The one sided view from motorists needs to be challenged by politicians, police and media BUT they mostly hold the one sided view."

In a couple of key cases they have spent billions of dollars over the years in nurturing the view.  AKA speeding and drink driving which has pretty much been the focus of road safety for 4 decades.

And while there are excellent reasons to target this behaviour the intensity of the focus has meant that in the minds of the public including those in charge think that this is all that really needs to be focussed on.

Likewise with helmets. We have spend decades focusing on this that the public don't know anything else. 

Help  : 

I'm looking at drafting a template so that concerned people can use to write to their council / ministers / road ans shadow road ministers specifically on the non-enforcement of the MPD.

Any suggestions or pointing me to existing samples or templates would be much appreciated.


Early days for MPD campaigning- which seems odd considering we have the rule on the books now.

I will start by asking my local (police) area command for enforcement.

My local member, although a good one, is of the mindset that the local highway is a motorway for fast driving not a road as a guest through our mountains villages. I don't think she would 'get' the idea that drivers need to be prepared to change lanes or reduce speed promptly. Not sure what's possible with her. While she has backed a campaign to fix the missing footpath/breakdown lane through Faulconbridge her agenda is very much a cars-go-fast one.

I think the agenda for our pollies statewide ought to be education first and enforcement second. So asking police directly for enforcement seems the right pursuit - at first.

I went down the route of a letter to my local MP asking her to find out from the minister when police will be required to enforce the MPD law. After a while I got a call from a local HWP sergeant who'd been given the job of finding out what the problem was. I explained my concerns on the lack of enforcement and asked for some assurances that it would happen, and of course, nothing was forthcoming. Next I got a letter from the LA commander referring to my discussion with the HWP and indicating that it was going to be referred to the local traffic committee with council. I responded that it would be another avenue, but I wanted his assurance that his staff would enforce the law to protect cyclists. Nothing has been forthcoming after about 6-12 months. I've continued to occasionally prod my local MP, but I think that her skin is pretty thick!


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