I'm over in the UK at the moment, and have discovered a brand of bicycle helmets that is actually quite cool! They look part way between bicycle and skate helmet, and with loads of air vents which is so necessary in the Sydney heat!

Check out the Urban-1 and Lane-U helmets on this link below...


Has anyone seen these helmets for sale in Sydney??

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Hi Kylie, any idea where your friend (who already has one) got it from?
Cheers, Ange
Just check to make sure they are approved by Australian Standards. Some riders the other week in Brisbane were forced to walk their bikes home as their helmets didn't have that standard sticker in them.
It's highly likely that the RTA brings no independent knowledge to bear, and just says if it meets AS/NZS2063 then we'll approve it, but until they've actually approved *any* helmet it's theoretically illegal.

Has anyone seen a list of RTA approved helmets?
I don't know if there is a list of RTA approved helmets (it's AS approved actually, not RTA) but when I did the course at CNSW, I was wearing an Italian helmet which I had bought online from Torpedo 7. I am certain that it would have passed AS compliance testing but, as they weren't being imported into Australia by a distributor, then they hadn't been tested and thus had no sticker.

I was advised by the instructor at CNSW to get a new helmet (which I did) as I sort of had a responsibility as a Cycle Skills coach to set an example and obey the law.

I think any helmet sold by a retailer in Australia will be an approved helmet. It is only when you buy them online from overseas that you need to be careful.
Do you think that these fold up bike helmets would comply?
those fold up helmets are so funny!
Helmet inspections were being done by the Queensland Police and they were checking bikes for bells, brakes, lights, reflectors and the inside of all helmets for the stickers.

I have friends who have not been allowed to participate in certain races as their helmets were not part of the approved Australian Standard helmets.

I know that a reasonable amount of the time no one will check but it is certainly worth keeping in mind when buying a helmet that it may not meet the standards and that if they want to get you for something they will certainly check everything that they can.
my point is that they can check it so just be prepared for that.
what if your sticker falls off?:)

No..but seriously?
As long it is a helmet that is approved then I am sure you could use that as your argument, but if it is a non approved helmet than I am not sure. One of my BMX ones doesn't have the sticker cause it came off.

I know motorcyclists have issues with approved and non approved helmets and how it effects insurance, if you can race or not and of course if you get fined or not by the police.
When I did my Cycle Skills Coaching accreditation at Cycling NSW, we were told that by law the helmet must have the sticker on the inside, otherwise it is not an "approved" helmet. The Police can fine you for "not wearing an approved cycling helmet" if it does not have the sticker. I don't think any Police "go around checking" for stickers though they might if you were behaving badly and your helmet looked dodgy, I don't know.

My point was that, if you have a prang and are injured, the Police will then certainly check the helmet and it may jeopardise your insurance claims if it doesn't have the AS/NZS2063 sticker.
"The Australian Standards "Five Ticks" is nothing more than a marketing program"

Is that like the AAA ratings handed out to failing companies?


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