Has anyone else noticed an increase in random abuse from motorsts since the Shane Warne rant? I have noticed this phenomenon before - the week or two after an anti-cyclist story in the tabloids and I cop a lot more incidents of knuckle-heads driving past screaming, driving past fast half in the shoulder you are riding in, abuse and threats as they pass because they had to slow down for you on a bend etc. etc.  Then all quiet until the next story. Is it just me or has anyone noticed the same?

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I actually found the opposite the friday after that had all blown up,


I think the general trend you’ve mentioned does happen, either that or we become a bit more sensitive to it due to having read such tripe in the media.

I’ve no doubt that there are the odd few idiots that would view rants such as Mr. Warne’s as being a valid prompt for their own poor motoring behaviour

The alleged perpetrator Shane Warne is now being sued by the rider.  Let's see if the abuse increases?

 Again I might be generalising  and or sensitive , but what is it with guys driving  tray top / ute type cars . Twice abused in the last week by such drivers -- I was actually riding in the bike lane at the pacific Highway end of Galston gorge in the rain on Friday  shoulder to shoulder with my buddy , when an elderly driver would not overtake us - plenty of room in her lane -- tray truck driver behind her went berserk on the horn and somehow it was our fault ! much hand waving and yelling followed  as I pointed out that we were in our lane and they had room in their lane -- last Monday another driver clearly took offence at me riding around a long line of traffic and turning right into a  wide shoulder - not holding anyone up just going faster then them, plus I had my elbow brushed by the mirrors of a tipper truck whilst i was in a big intersection so plenty of room but driivng very close to me.     

I definitely see less and less of this pattern lately. Maybe it depends on the area you are in?

I live in the inner west and work on the northside.Drivers are pretty good to me in general closer to home.

My last two encounters near my work place have been with 20 something looking female in small cars, middle aged lady in BMW and a taxi driver

 I am riding between Castle Hill and Chatswood  so all open road lots of diff suburbs and main roads (pac Hwy and comenara etc) and back streets so no pattern.  

I think it does depend on the area. So many bikes on the road in my area. No difference before/after. I'm in Eastern Beaches area. Cent Park etc.

I occasionally ride through Artarmon/Chatswood/Roseville/Lindfield. Never had any probs there in the past and don't expect any. Quite a few riders around. Didn't ride there post Warniegate. Not yet.

I think it's jealousy, I usd to ride with my girlfriend and have girls in hatches give way to me then pull in front of my girlfriend riding behind. I get the same with guys in hatches and fashion utes rev the engine overtake as close as possible etc etc. They only calm down and act smidsy wen I catch them at a light.
"fashion utes" in peak hour, almost as impractical as 4wds in vaucluse. When such drivers see someone enjoying the practicality and effiscency of a vehcle like a bicycle or scooter they are filled with a jealous outrage at being stuck in their poor choice of a vehcle. They don't feel like punishing themselves so they take their rage out on the person using a bike.

The alleged perpetrator Shane Warne is now being sued by the rider.

Like this ?  : http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/celebrity/warnes-twitter-outburst-d...

Generally I avoid anything to do with sledging sport stars like this specimen but I read this article.

What does "seeking $1575 for the repair bill for his hi-tech bike plus damages, interest and costs" mean in lawyer-speak? Does it cover time taken off work to take the criminal who used his car as weapon to court, court fees, lawyer fees? 

To answer the question : Let's see if the abuse increases?

It depends, if Hollingsworth wins, to a large amount , say a million dollar bill for Warnie (- surely it's a small price for endangering a life with a 1000kg weapon. ) I'll wager the ordinary news readers will wake up to , if not the endangering of another persons life, the fact it has real economic impact on themselves. 

But if Hollingsworth loses then it's open season on cyclists. oh wait, I mean it's status quo.

Doesn't mean that much money wise. Costs aren't so big really for a minor matter.

The financial cost to the wealthy alleged offender wouldn't be noticed.


The reputational cost and embarrassment tho... priceless :-)

Not to mention what might occur after property is dealt with.

I don't think an upstanding citizen like the "alleged offender" has anything to lose in the reputation stakes department, and in general, embarrassment is an alien concept to his fan base.

So while he might not feel the financial pain, the reading public might still just sit up and consider if said offender (and his lawyers ) fails to extradite him from paying up for hitting a cyclist what it, more importantly, means for them (and their financial spreadsheet )

His manager, James Erskine, said neither he nor Warne would comment on the issue on Tuesday and the cricketer has not updated his Twitter followers about his thoughts on the cyclist seeking payment.

According to Defteros, Hollingsworth is seeking payment for damage to his bike from Warne's insurance company and, if it was not forthcoming, would consider civil court action.

"I think that if he's got an insurer then they'll take it up on his behalf," the Herald Sun quoted him as telling Fairfax Radio.

"And clearly an admission of liability insofar as the civil claim is concerned will have to be made, because if it's denied, then nature takes its course and proceedings follow," he said. (ANI)


So the twit-rant has been shut down and it's all over the papers/radio/TV again. Agree, a loss wouldn't be good. I'm guessing the lawyer thinks that's unlikely. Driver leaving the scene and the bike damage confirming a collision aren't a good look, not to mention the witnesses.


I'm viewing staying in the media and putting pressure on Warne as a win already.


Haven't seen a mention of an apology tho, not here in Melbourne anyway.



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