Has anyone else noticed an increase in random abuse from motorsts since the Shane Warne rant? I have noticed this phenomenon before - the week or two after an anti-cyclist story in the tabloids and I cop a lot more incidents of knuckle-heads driving past screaming, driving past fast half in the shoulder you are riding in, abuse and threats as they pass because they had to slow down for you on a bend etc. etc.  Then all quiet until the next story. Is it just me or has anyone noticed the same?

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I have noticed a lot more close passing in recent weeks but I dont know if that is because school zones were not enforced and people were on holidays so traffic moving faster and overtaking like morons.

I got beeped for the first time in over a year yesterday morning about 20 metres before the vehicle behind joined a 20 car que at traffic lights and I filtered to the front. I thought silly season had ended with school going back but it appears not.

Yes, I've noticed.  This morning was worse.  Heavier traffic and more frustration. Probably partly because private schools went back and "all the Mum's had drive little Chloe with her cello to school".  (Adam Spencer quote)

yup, first three weeks of the school year = get on your bike at least 1/2 hour before your normal etd to avoid.

Ha ha, one of the reasons I took up drums when I went to high school - so Mum or Dad had to drive me and my kit wherever, rather than sticking say an agony stick clarinet in a back pack and getting on your bike.

Of course in my youth I wasn't smart enough (yeah yeah, I was a drummer...) to realise this benefit was soon offset by the time it took to load the kit in to the car, assemble it at the destination, and then do the same in reverse afterwards...

Some homestay Dads out there too. Lets not get on Mum's case.

That's why I was distancing myself from the quote.  I was a SAH Dad for a while.  I used to ride to school with my kids until the school banned kids from riding bikes.  Then it was a long walk with me carrying two school bags.

Really? They banned kids from riding bikes? How do they do that? Is there some sort of legal precedent? I can't imagine they could enforce it. Of course they could ban bicycles from entering the school premises - private property and all that. But that seems a bit harsh, and once again hard to legally enforce, especially if it is a public education school.

Personally I would just get a big arse chain and padlock and lock the bike to a tree across the road from the school gate and thumb my nose at their stupid ban.

I rode my kids to school all the time. Very few kids cycled. At kindergarten all the other kids were green with envy when I turned up with a cute kiddy trailer, with the youngest inside, and a child seat to pickup the passenger. Especially since we just cycled down to the park a couple of blocks away and had a picnic lunch and fed the ducks whenever the weather was nice - which was very often.

They banned bikes within the school grounds. Their argument was about insurance and potential for kids to be hurt by accidents with bikes.  My argument that you could just ban kids from RIDING bikes didn't hold sway.

They have the right under the enclosed lands act.  We tried locking the bikes to the bus stop seat over the road, but someone let the tyres down and the kids started getting upset.  I didn't want to turn them off riding altogether.

Thanks all for the feedback. A mixed response but I think it would be worth tabloid editors knowing that by running certain anti-cyclist stories they could be endangering peoples' lives. I am from Sydney Sth West where car is king and the few shoulders and bike lanes tend to end abruptly, pushing cyclists into the path of cars - with predictable results from any peanut behind the wheel in that lane.

Brian, i was listening to 2GB at the height of the warney saga - Chris Smith the afternoon presenter advertised at the beginning of his show something along the lines of declaring "war on cyclist". I took the opportunity to point out to the station via email exactly what you have said - pointing out that being registered and licenced will not stop people yelling at us , cutting us off , throwing stuff at us etc etc .Also that using phrases such as declaring war was irresponsible  and that regardless how upset a car driver is with a cyclist I have never seen/heard of  a car driver being killed/injured  by a bike but visa versa happens frequently - I finished my email by saying I really wasn't looking forward to my ride home .

Thru the power of positive thinking or emailing the segment did not eventuate- like I have posted before if any of these journos/shock jocks 'walked a mile in our shoes" they would change their approach .  

Congratulations Jonathon. We should all do what you have done. Unfortunately it would mean I have to actually listen to the moronic buffoon you mentioned, not to mention other jocks with even more narrow life experience. Maybe we should monitor and respond in times of incidents, as you have in the interests of saving lives endangered by these people.

No increase in rants or deliberately dangerous driving at all.

I ride from Bankstown to Blacktown (& back again) a few times a week. I get bogans in V8s giving me room on the road in Blacktown.

My observations are that the more affluent people "think" they are, the more that they believe that the bicycle should not be on the road.

Perhaps it is these semi-affluent people that need to be targetted in any campaign?



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