Cyclist under australian post truck chassis at cnr of princes highway and may st st peters .police rescue in attendance looks bad

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Friend of mine just posted on facebook that she saw this. Doesn't sound good...

The recent spate of these accidents is extremely upsetting, not to say slightly unnerving.

Thoughts go out to the cyclist; hope he makes a full recovery. Sounds nasty.

They are extremely predictable, happen all the time in England, and we are steadily recreating the same onroad conditions here.  Clogged traffic with single occupant commuters, bicycles attempting to beat the average traffic speeds (because they are so clogged by single occupant cars), largest possible truck that can fit on any given route, left turn arrows and sliplanes.  This is a left turn arrow intersection.

The concerning issue about the particular intersection is that inexperienced riders can be left hooked at this intersection after they stop for a red through light, without left-passing any traffic and putting themselves in a blindspot.  ie its got all the preconditions for the classic british female rider fatality.

Don't know if this link will work, but it shows two cyclists using the pedestrian crossing right at that point.  Not knowing the details of what happened this morning, this is one possibility - that the cyclist was on the crossing?

It works. From the Google link, the red left turn arrow was on when the young cyclist entered the crossing, but went off as he or she was partly across. Hope he or she does not also become a victim there. 

This is all a bit close to home for me.  The cyclists in the streetview photo live a few doors down from my house.

same here

; wasn't going to mention it when in work but couldn't concentrate and mentioned it -got pissed with people's responses

_"poor truck driver,,,,WTF" he probably didn't see him"WTF!!

"-was he wearing  a visability vest?" WTF!!

Terrible news

That's scary. I hope the rider makes a full recovery.

I know that junction well and it scares me just how much ignoring of lights goes on their. Crossing as a pedestrian isn't wise in the first 2 or 3 seconds of getting a green as the number of cars speeding through reds to turn right into May Street is staggering as is the number of cars that come flying up May to try and turn left before the lights have been red for too long - it's one of those intersection where if the light has been red for a couple of seconds motorists think it is okay to count it as a green.

And this section of Princes Highway is the only place I ride on the footpath - the road is simply too dangerous.

And this section of Princes Highway is the only place I ride on the footpath - the drivers on the roads are simply too dangerous


I liked it the way it was. People really are the product of their environments. A dangerous road makes dangerous drivers. Fix the road and the drivers are also fixed.

And fixing roads, despite it being expensive and involving lots of concrete etc, is a lot easier than than trying to fix people directly.

Put another way - changing the infrastructure works, trying to educate drivers doesn't.

I think both work. :) I think this intersection would be made much safer in an instant if red light cameras were introduced. And maybe a speed camera at the top of May Street.


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