Accident Centennial Ave/Barwon Ave Lane Cove 21/04/2017

This is another one of those really dodgy spots.  Not the interseiction per se, but the whole stretch down to Gladesville Bridge.

Google photo of the intersection.  Benign looking.,151.155315,3a,75y,90t/d...

Article from community noticeboard "In The Cove"

This was reported around 1300 hours.  Assumably the accident happened around that time.  

Yet another accident on Centennial Avenue near Barwon Street.  A person on a bike was hit.  A roving reporter has advised that the person is up and moving.  Traffic is being diverted - so avoid if you can.  When is the Lane Cove Council and the RMS going to do something about this intersection??


Given you are in Thailand Peter T I assume this was not you. :)

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