Hi Everyone,

Today the Australian Cyclists Party announced that we would be contesting the elections with a total of 22 candidates:  15 Upper House candidates and 7 for the following Lower House districts:  Newtown, Balmain, Newcastle, Manly, Willoughby, North Shore and Goulburn.  The last four are the seats of the Premier and those held by the Ministers responsible for Transport, Health and Planning.

We have indicated that we will look at running in other districts should more interested candidates come forward.

With NSW facing so many challenges we have never felt so compelled to try to make a difference by pushing for change in policy if not in representation in Parliament.  We will speak for cyclists but also for the issues we represent across the inter-related areas of planning, health and transport.  We do not believe NSW can afford the proposed the thoughtless approach now being pursued.  If we want to make a difference this is our chance.

If you would like to help us during the lead up to the elections, please consider doing any of the following:

  • Volunteer to help us on the lead up to election day or on the day
  • Become a candidate
  • Make a donation
  • Show our colours - buy a jersey or put up a sign

It's easy, just go to our website icycleivote.com or just email us at admin@icycleivote.com

If you have not already heard, we also want to let you know that Pip Vice and Roman Ciurpita have now joined our governing Committee.

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maybe worth peoples having a go at this...


good question...
How much should New South Wales spend on bike lanes and cycling projects?

How much should New South Wales spend on bike lanes and cycling projects?

Same % as modal share target. (ie Much More)

Edit : Very useful link by the way , thanks

Yes, that is quite fun. You can tell them that you are going to vote ACP and, after they calculate your score from answering all the questions, you will find out what a left-wing nut job you really are. Well, I am.


Yeah, I was getting worried when answering the questions and, *phew* nope, I'm not a left wing nut-job.

The metadata already knows all this stuff.

You're not an LWNJ, @PeterT? What are you doing on this site, then?? ;-)

We are a broad church NA

I'm not. I am an atheist.

see, we can even accommodate you, that is broad

I am also a bloke, not a "broad".


So there it is. It is not necessary to be a swivel-eyed LWNJ to be a transport cycling advocate.

Let's hope this broad base is reflected in ACP's results in the election. Good luck Omar and Co.

I'm a left wing nut job too, which surprises me. Sure I'm socially progressive because how people decide to spend their time is absolutely none of my business unless it affects other people in a bad way (no, gay marriage does not affect superstitious marriage in anyway.

<rant-ish>I always think/thought of myself as somewhat of an economic rationalist. I believe in public healthcare because it has been demonstrated to be more efficient, allows people to be more productive and allows people to take more risk, e.g. by starting their own businesses, by not staying in a job because, for example, they are worried about healthcare shocks. This should hypothetically add to efficiency. I am for public education right up to Uni because kids are not economically independent, and it makes for more a productive workforce. I am for a safety net for efficiency for similar reasons, and I am sure that at least part of the long term unemployed should not be inflicted upon businesses and leaving them to die in the street or resort to crime is not humane and inefficient too. I am certainly against middle class welfare, but have to take it if everyone else does so do take it. I am for regulation of pollution because why should people/business not have to take responsibility for their actions? Does this make me left wing?</rant-ish>

Also see, http://www.politicalcompass.org/


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