We were told that we couldn't run a cyclist party without having a jersey.  Even if Lycra wasn't to everyone's liking.  So here it is, our inaugural jersey - we married our 1890's coat of arms rendition with our own logo to come up with something different.  Hopefully respectable, certainly destined for a collector's item - whether we win or lose!  If you would like to purchase one please go to our EOI form here.

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Can't wait to commute in that!

I like. Any plans to produce a long sleeve edition?


We are very budget constrained so this is all we can afford at the moment.  We hope to sign up a distributor who will make and carry a whole lineup eventually.  Come to think of it, why go into politics at all, let's just make some fun gear...

Australian cyclists party. Yes, but how hard?

(In other words, we think you can fit in an apostrophe after the "s"). ;-)

Yes good one... perhaps we will make a special edition "party" shirt... Mambo styled perhaps?

Hi Omar

Put me down for a cycling cap and some socks. When will they be ready?? ;)

Plenty of cyclists not keen on lycra can then show their support for the ACP. Imagine rolling up to the polling booth in an ACP cycling cap and voting for ACP... who would of thunk it?!?

I would suggest partnering with Babici (awesome cycling caps) and Attaquer/Pedal Mafia (great socks) or crowd fund the socks/caps online so that you are not exposed to financial risks.



Hopefully we will find a way to satisfy what is looking like an excellent response without distracting our efforts at preparing for the Vic elections.  We will keep you posted!

A suggestion for the next batch, have a commuter version.

Replace the black with yellow.

having said that, I have already ordered mine.

How did you manage this Omar? Well done

One of our Committee angled it.  Funny that we have received very little in the way of encouragement from the local cycling industry or businesses but a UK firm is quick to see the logic of supporting cycling through all means and jumps on board.  Go figure.


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