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As usual, it is proposed to keep on-street parking and come up with a wafer thin bi-di

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Might see you there. it's not so hot this morning so I should get out.

Btw, talking of connections to Addison Rd, Innerwest Council now has a plan for West St on exhibition, joins Flood St, Leichhardt, at Parramatta Rd.
Early days for the West St plan, but you can add coments on an interactive map at Not a bad system for commenting on area wide problems too, so they can develop the concept plan. Several other projects up for comment too.

The real issue for the buses is the traffic jams on Victoria rd / Enmore rd / City rd?/ Broadway... 

I fail to see how a 40kph speed limit on Addison rd would make any difference to travel times

Has anybody noticed that there will be cars parked on the street side of the cycleway with a barely 200mm median between the cars and cyclists travelling east down the hill?  Doors are 800mm wide. Sounds like a great way to get doored. Also what happens when a mum tries to get her baby out of the car into the stroller parked in the cycleway?

That's why I don't think there should be a downhill bike lane on Addison Road.  

Response to public consultation and revised plan now up and looking for final comments:

Still full of shared paths, prioritises saving car parks, and a shit route — despite lots of concern about the route and little concern for on-street parking in public comments. Loss of a pedo crossing near the Marrickville Markets entrance is particularly heinous.

Bi di makes it hard to turn across the road into side streets, so cyclists have to use the road anyway. OK! Let the kids and newbies ride on the bi di, rest should use the road as a bit of a (legal) protest.

Agreed but if the rest of us use the road in protest, imagine the reaction from the motorists. Yesterday while taking a right hand turn from Park St into Clarence St after a meeting in the Town Hall, a tradie in a ute took exception and there wasn't a cycleway in sight!

The Bi-Di's will end up ghetto-ising cyclists - which might be be OK if cycleways were fast, safe and present on every road but with their enormous cost and complication to normal road systems, this will never be the case.

The Bi-Di's will end up ghetto-ising cyclists...

Disagree. Bi-dis boost overall cyclist numbers, and those extra cyclists will spend most of their time on regular roads.

Sort of like training wheels, only you can't get rid of them once you've learnt, and you probably don't need them anyway. but bi dis are becoming the dominant paradigm now, just wish a few engineers might get brave and insist on wider bike paths and bugger Sydney Buses. Like some Melbourne Councils have done. 2 m is very constricted IMO. A 1 m envelope for cyclists is fine, but you need extra clearance on both sides of a cyclist and in the middle.

Bi-dis are training wheels for road designers, not people on bikes. They allow road designers to get comfortable with the idea of thinking of cycling as transport, and then the road designers can graduate to building bigger and better cycling infrastructure, like separated single lane cycleways.

I wish trainee road designers would leave cyclist routes alone.

Actually Bi-Di cycleways are excessively hard to fit into the streetscape due to the competing interests of traffic volume, bus stops, pedestrians, trees, side streets, traffic lights, electricity kiosks, pedestrian crossings, wheely bins, car doors and road rules. Really not the stuff for a trainee. (Compare this to "Hybrid bike lanes" where all you need is road width, upward and downward slopes.)


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