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Has Frome Street bikeway been a “massive failure”? NO
By Bension Siebert
Published by InDaily on 20-Sep-2016

Frome Street bikeway has been a political disaster for the Adelaide City Council – but what does the evidence say about the bikeway itself?
Last week, city councillors declared the $1.6 million Frome Street bikeway had been a “massive failure” and a waste of ratepayers’ money, removing any lingering doubt about the council’s intention to demolish it
. . .
But before jackhammer meets cement, and despite the politics, it must be acknowledged that the bulk of available empirical evidence and expert opinion shows Frome Street bikeway to have been an overwhelmingly successful piece of public infrastructure.
This is clear primarily because an independent expert report, commissioned by the council the day before the official opening of the bikeway [during Velo-city Global Adelaide 2014], made public in 2015, demonstrated myriad merits of the bikeway using empirical data, and comprehensively answered the many of the claims against the bikeway that persist today.
. . .
(Read the 3-page article with more links.)

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They seem to be having a "bicycle" problem in Adelaide / South Australia? What are those Adelaide Cyclists up to?

Cyclists wearing hi-vis should be an 'Australian safety rule', West...

I see that Adelaidecyclist.com is closing down. Ning put up their price.

We might have to pass the hat around for Sydney Cyclist?

Pity about Adelaide Cyclists then, seems to be a lot more active than MelbourneCyclists (& here at times)

"We might have to pass the hat around for Sydney Cyclist?"

Nope, but Ning is going to die soon.

I'm putting new plans into action... will tell more soon :)

Hopefully it will last out my subscription which expires in Aug 2017. At that time they say my site (bike leichhardt) dies, unless I cough up for a 100 % increase. Pressure to move to Wordpress, but a bit underwhelmed by WP, tho you can get add ons apparently.

it's not a bad option Bob.

I'm working on a couple of things which may interest you too. I'll keep in touch.

Suggestions to Adelaide BUG included Facebook plus Wordpress. Would appreciate feedback in this discussion or by private msg.

I was having lots of trouble just trying to get onto SC for over a week not long ago. I tried everything that I knew to fix it and even asked my ISP to reset my line. About a day or two after they had reset my line, things reverted to normal. I've had this happen a few times in the last year or so. I'm not sure where the problem lay, but could I suggest that we get some other contact details for you so that when this sort of thing happens it may be possible to sort out the problem sooner.

It occurred with both of my ISP's - Exetel NBN landline and Telstra wireless.

Yes, I couldn't access any Ning site for the last week or so. I reported it to Telstra and tho they havnt said what the problem was, it is now working. The problem only applied to Ning, and only on Telstra, and Telstra swears they don't block sites, so how does that work?

"The problem only applied to Ning"

I only had problems with SC, no other websites had any issues.

SO what happened..

The company that owned Ning shut down, another company swooped in and bought the Ning assets pretty quickly.

They (very quickly) moved a lot of the ning infrastructure to a new home, that was some of the downtime.

What happened next is a little technical......essentially some of the internet routes changed to the new "home" for the Ning servers. Hosting companies "advertise" the routes (i.e. How your ISP finds the servers) and I think Telstra cache them a little longer than most.
So while it came online for some people, on Telstra it appeared offline a little longer.

I know I'm side tracking but is there any thoughts about merging with bike Marrickville, now its under the same council?


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