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Has Frome Street bikeway been a “massive failure”? NO
By Bension Siebert
Published by InDaily on 20-Sep-2016

Frome Street bikeway has been a political disaster for the Adelaide City Council – but what does the evidence say about the bikeway itself?
Last week, city councillors declared the $1.6 million Frome Street bikeway had been a “massive failure” and a waste of ratepayers’ money, removing any lingering doubt about the council’s intention to demolish it
. . .
But before jackhammer meets cement, and despite the politics, it must be acknowledged that the bulk of available empirical evidence and expert opinion shows Frome Street bikeway to have been an overwhelmingly successful piece of public infrastructure.
This is clear primarily because an independent expert report, commissioned by the council the day before the official opening of the bikeway [during Velo-city Global Adelaide 2014], made public in 2015, demonstrated myriad merits of the bikeway using empirical data, and comprehensively answered the many of the claims against the bikeway that persist today.
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(Read the 3-page article with more links.)

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Strange u should say that, some talks already and a meeting is happening soon. Some sort of coalition of inner city groups is overdue, but how big should we get?
Anyone interested should join one of Bike Leichhardt, Bike Marrickville, Ashfield BUG, Bay Bug, and see where we get. Or get in first and set up an Inner West bike group, and take charge! Also, where does Bike Sydney fit in?

" how big should we get?"


Hmm, not a bad idea. Or perhaps just Sydney.

Suppose there's pro's and con's

I do my best for cycling advocacy in SA. My current newsletter, which I also email to some in local and state govt, included the Frome Bikeway and hi-vis push.

Adelaide Cyclists forum is closing. Hence the last edition of BUG News, and Adelaide BUG seeking a lower-profile webpage.

Heather, Coordinator of Adelaide BUG

Your work is much appreciated, hope you can continue the good work.

Yeah you do good work Heather! Hope there is a solution for your BUG and Adelaide Cyclist. I used it a lot when I was living there, and to be honest its more active than Sydney Cyclists, shame its going. Sydney and Adelaide Cyclist sites are home to enlightened and progressive cycling discussion thats a cut above the chatter of Facebook. 

Actually, Adelaide Cyclists does have some stubborn MHL supporters still, but that made it interesting.

This innocuously titled thread has spawned some pretty important side discussions more than worthy of their own topic. Probably a lot of SC folk aren't reading what has turned into a meta-thread. Anyhow....

Part of cycling culture is the connectedness of cyclists, much more so than car drivers or pedestrians.  It's about community.  So it is very much a worry when online communities are forced to shut down...I just did some research, and Ning's company went bust on the weekend.  So there is no future for Adelaide Cyclist or Sydney Cyclist, in their current form.  It would be a real shame to lose years of discussions, a platform to connect (even if only virtually), an outlet to vent, a community, all that no doubt helps keep cycling alive in the face of some big obstacles.

Damien - I'm hoping that Ning doesn't provide the hosting service, just the software, and that you can capture the site content without SC being switched off unexpectedly, allowing a graceful platform retirement?

"Damien - I'm hoping that Ning doesn't provide the hosting service, just the software, and that you can capture the site content without SC being switched off unexpectedly, allowing a graceful platform retirement?"

Yes Ning does provide hosting and is in danger.

No Sydney Cyclist won't go away, I have backups and a new plan :)

The format will change a little, but the archives will all be available.

To Heather... thank you for your DM, yes I was aware of Tim's post, I had an email (also a day job so wasn't able to respond immediately)

Thanks Damien, I will sleep a little better tonight, good luck hatching your plan.  Hopefully it covers Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne too.

Look I know that I am probably the only real person on Sydney Cyclist and the rest of your are very sophisticated chatbots*, Indeed SC site is probably a research site set up to test software agents / chatbots sponsored by various bicycle  product suppliers and designed to encourage me to buy, buy, buy (with some success).

Nonetheless I would miss you all if the site went although I would get heaps more riding done and would save heaps of money

*I know you are chatbots as some of you are just too incredible to be real.

Took note and changed the discussion title.
Bob, discuss with Mitch (of Airport BUG) who is part of a Brisbane amalgamation.
Tim, your news that Ning's company went bust on the weekend. If so, promptly archive your forums off-line and maybe Trove the public library archive.


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