What do people think of Advanced Stop Lines, or "Bike Boxes"?

On my commute there's a number of spots where these are desperately needed, but none more so than at the bottom end of Oxford St, near Hyde Park.

Here's a sample off my helmetcam, but I've seen triple the number of riders waiting here.

I realise an ASL is so-called "dulux infrastructure", but it does give cyclists a safe storage area, and also safely demarcates the pedestrian crossing. At the moment it's just chaotic, and simply can't go on as-is if cyclist numbers keep increasing.

What's the CoS position? (Yes I realise the RTA and RMS have the ultimate control)

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That will essentially put you in a similar ASL-like position in Wentworth

Yeah thats the problem, no storage area on Wentworth St, and with the added bonus of an uphill restart, with cars behind you.

To be honest I don't think I've ever seen a rider do a hook turn here. If it was a realistic option, cyclists would be doing it.

How do you think it would work to make it a rule applying to all red-light intersections, regardless of marking on the road?

the laws allow bicycles to go infront of all other traffic at intersections


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