I like the Viale. My birthday is soon.

Interesting that the mtb's come in the "two most popular sizes " for hardtail mtb's- 650B and 29er. Will there be any 26" bikes being manufactured this time next year?

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Not far compared to your little trips, you should send mr Lynskey some photos of your backroad loaded

It's always interesting to read of the exploits of others while they are attached to the saddle of a bike. 

I like these best

And a master photographer as well, with a bridge fetish, perhaps get the photoshop out for the second one and remove all the caravans, replace with wilderness. Nice photos, giving suitable prominence to the bar camp stool. No weight weenie, 50kg bike & luggage?

His chair looks pretty neat, Helinox

And lighter than mine too!

Lynskey are having yet another of their perennial sales. This time the prices in AUD look to be about what I paid for mine in 2013 when AUD1,000 got about USD 1,080. Today's rate is about AUD 1,000=USD 700. Worth a look if you are in the market for a bit of Ti!

And free shipping - What a deal.

That gravel bike frame looks like a winner - perfect for a long road trip. 

Better than the touring frame? 

The GR270 Special Gravel bike looks like a bargain too, or woulD it be too good to get dirty!


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