I know we are busy not getting fined for bell-less track-stands at red lights.

In the meantime, cycling infrastructure has gone backwards in a big way. For instance the Qantas Drive cycleway has had traffic lights placed in the middle for a new car park. Not only that they have placed "gates" on each of the cycleway, completing the ruin of a once excellent and safe cycleway.

How did this massive clusterf'k get planning approval. Cycle safety compromised for car convenience again.

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Got some photos?

Not yet. It was twilight when I rode through this evening.

Do you mean the Alexandria Canal cycleway? I not sure I understand where you mean, but I ride it infrequently... sounds terrible though...

New car park for staff has been constructed on north side of the canal, with a bridge off Airport Drive over the canal. Driveway does cut the cycle way, with lights! Can see on Google maps.
It has ruined Sydney's best section of cycleway, for a staff car park. Sheer lunacy

Best to complain to the authorities (RMS?)

All part of an "upgrade" of road access to the airport, which includes the O'Riordan St and Domestic Terminal intersection and new flyover connections at the international entry/exit. Does include (I think) some new cycle path along north side of Qantas Drive from O Riordan to link with Alexandra Canal path. I think the Marsh St bridge footpath may be closed to cyclists during widening of Marsh St to 6 lanes, that'll be fun, have to go round the long way via Tempe and Princes Highway. Bike Sydney has been trying to ensure we get a better deal out of this project, so David B might have some more info.
Some info here
Oh, and some more here, from a previous thread, sections 7.2 to 7.4 mention new cycle links. No idea if actually being constructed, and they note that it requires funding from TfNSw and RMS.

"it requires funding from TfNSw and RMS"

Well, that's utter bullshit, isn't it. If their construction works are adversely affecting something, they should have been required to construct the replacement solution.

To be slightly fair, a new bike link along Qantas Drive west of ORiordan /Stanley St would be outside the scope of the airport access project, but you would have to ask why it wasn't included - much easier to add a minor (not to cyclists)pathway in to this project than wait for RMS etc to do a separate project, you would think. Interesting to hear if this path is actually still on someone's cards. Might give TfNSW a ring.

Can you call them about this Clusterf'k too?

Can I hope that it has default perpetual green for cycleway unless there is a car exiting the car park? I assume the cars need to wait to exit onto qantas drive anyway..


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