I know we are busy not getting fined for bell-less track-stands at red lights.

In the meantime, cycling infrastructure has gone backwards in a big way. For instance the Qantas Drive cycleway has had traffic lights placed in the middle for a new car park. Not only that they have placed "gates" on each of the cycleway, completing the ruin of a once excellent and safe cycleway.

How did this massive clusterf'k get planning approval. Cycle safety compromised for car convenience again.

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Just past the concrete jersey barriers as you approach the M5 intersection.

I have to say that I often dread the Marsh St sprint in the evenings, especially if tired as if the traffic is flowing you need to be up to a 40-50km/h sprint for about 3-400m to stay safe.

There was no safe exit for a while as it was continuous guttering with cars behind you doing higher speeds, the only way to get up on the path was going past the Cycleway off ramp and on the tight corner to the M5 eastbound hooking around onto the ped ramp. But they have cut in a ramp in the gutter just past the end of the jerseys now to exit Marsh in road and rejoin the off road Cycleway. A little thing but welcome some much.

Is this heading east or west?

Dumb I know but I haven't noticed it

Thanks for the info regardless.

Heading west - it's when you are on road and need to bail back off after the works
I went through there today (about 10ish) by car and heading north the bike lantern was red for as long as I could see it, no cars waiting to turn in either way or waiting to come out.

I'll check with my ex work buddies as they ride through there 4 days a week.
Bugger. Like Bill said, the "problem" might have now been fixed ;(

Either that, or it might have specific peak and non-peak programming with reverse priority. But I doubt it.


Sounds like we need to insert a supermagnet behind one demand button box so as to synthesise a continuous cycle demand.

My impression is that the phasing has been changed and that bikes have been given greater priority- it's been green the last few times my bunch has gone through there at 6:15AM.


Back in Sydney this week and commuting, during peak, bikes seem to have green priority, with vehicle movements in and out of the carpark triggered on demand.

Bikeast is proposing an Airport Ride on Sept 2, to check the bike facilities and access. Get in touch if interested.

Got a link to their thread?

Hope Yvonne doesn't mind, heard about it by email. Sounds like a few more would be welcome.

Hi All,

I'm organising a BIKEast airport ride to gauge the current issues and routes for accessing Sydney Airport - both International and Domestic.

BIKEast have pencilled this in for Sunday 2 September - likely leaving from Maroubra / Kingsford at 11am.

Mora is working on getting the plans from Sydney Airport for the Domestic airport, which is in the middle of construction at the moment.

Let me know if you're interested. The more the merrier.

Details to be confirmed closer to the date.

Yvonne Poon
Secretary, BIKEast

E: yvonne.bikeast@gmail.com
W: http://www.bikeast.org.au/
Facebook / Instagram: @bikeastnsw
Rides / Events: https://www.meetup.com/BIKEast/


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