Alan Jones v. Clover Moore - on the City of Sydney's cycleways

Have a listen to Alan Jones ambushing Clover Moore about the City of Sydney's cycleways.

What's more important do you think - being sensational to get your ratings up (so you can make more money from advertising) or trying to do something about traffic congestion / peak oil / climate change / obesity in this city? Unfortunately every time I get in a taxi, they're listening to Jones. 

Not sure the best way of helping on this one. Maybe send a message of support to 

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Alan Jones is a dinosaur - He should have retired in the 50's where he belongs.
It's all about the future of Sydney.
What do you expect from an old idiot with a massive garage and car collection?

It would be poetic justice if he was died in a car crash.
Actions speak louder than words. What is important is that the cycleways are getting built. I wouldn't wate time listening to Alan Jones, or giving him any publicicty.
I would love to know what is happening with this class action against the CofS. Hopefully it will fall over.
What is the basis of the class action? If it is the loss of a right to free use of a limited public space to park a vehicle then wouldn’t it be interesting if courts found that no such right exists ? Could solve local government funding problems forever if an economic rent was imposed for the use of this space everywhere. I assume the fact that no challenge to parking meters has been sucessful means that there is no "right".
I don't know but Jones mentioned it toward the end of the interview. I will be interested in hearing how the "debate" goes at Town Hall, if it is on at a convenient time and date I may even roll up to watch Clover do battle with Rough Trade. It does illustrate a point I made in a discussion on defending cycling on sqwark back that the best form of debate with cyclist hating morons like Rough Trade is no debate. Do not give them a platform!
Yes to safe cycling, no to dangerous and ill conceived cycleways that start in an industrial area, are poorly planned and researched, and do not add a positive net effect (ie increase transport capacity). The Bourke Road/Bowden Street section is extremely unsafe for both cyclists and drivers. Also in 3-4 months of driving here every day I have only seen 3 cyclists on this path (and two not using it!).
I whipped down to Bunnings the other evening on this cycle path and didn't feel unsafe in the slightest. I feel much safer being separated from the traffic.

I also saw 5 cyclists travelling south at the same time as I was and then another four cyclists traveling south passed me as I was heading back north. And this was only in a 30 minute period.

That's 10 less cars that would have been on the road at that time. Do you not want to remove cars from congested roads?
I use this cycleway almost everyday, since it opened. I have cycling down Bourke Rd for some time now. I see anything from 3 to 15 other cyclists using this path each day. The number always varies depending on time and weather.

Bourke Rd was a popular road to cycle on before the cycleway and still seems to be after. The cycleway isn't perfect, but it's a start. It is also an important link between the city and the Airport/Cooks River cycleways/shared paths.

I'm sick of people saying no-one uses this cycleway simply because they don't see anyone on it when they drive past. Maybe try waiting and watching on a nice day and then get back to us.

We should stop feeding the troll now :)
?feeding the troll?
thanks for your input. how many cars & trucks use this area c/with cycles, and what economic value do they carry. I have staff of 15 people in this area, two of us ride. the others have kids that need ferrying around. Bourke Rd has a major business post office that we deliver to every day, and a Bunnings we use. We all drive up/down that area frequently, and maybe at peak hours more cycle users are present. I applaud the idea of cycleways, and adding to our transport infrastructure. In many major cities they have done so while keeping a progressive attitude to cars/trucks, ie adding capacity not restricting one to add another.
"In many major cities they have done so while keeping a progressive attitude to cars/trucks"

And here's the challenge, kids. How to find the balance, and keep two different groups happy, or at least content.

I like the bike path not because its perfect, or great, but because it shows that someone out there is prepared to do something proactive for cycling infrastructure. The Bourke Rd cycle path is an attempt to link the fantastic paths that branch out from the Cooks River, to the city.

The speed bumps are a bit of over kill. I would prefer to see them on the driveways that cross the cycleway. Give the riders a bit ore protection rather than piss all the motorists off.

That's my last word on this. Happy to discuss in a new thread.


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