Alan Jones v. Clover Moore - on the City of Sydney's cycleways

Have a listen to Alan Jones ambushing Clover Moore about the City of Sydney's cycleways.

What's more important do you think - being sensational to get your ratings up (so you can make more money from advertising) or trying to do something about traffic congestion / peak oil / climate change / obesity in this city? Unfortunately every time I get in a taxi, they're listening to Jones. 

Not sure the best way of helping on this one. Maybe send a message of support to 

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Facilities have to lead not follow if you want to change behaviour.

If you want people to walk more you install footpaths. You don't ask them to brave the road.

For the casual cyclist asking them to ride on busy roads instead of driving with no specific facility to protect them is not too disimilar.

So your trucks & commercial vehicles will be delayed. It will still be predominantly due to excessive private car use as before. But now those commuters have an alternative.

Yes you will be inconvenienced. Cyclists have been for decades.

Your needs are no more deserving.
But... he looks hungry.
I've been in a car with drivers and at the end of the trip asked them how many cyclists they saw along the way. Usually motorists notice only about 20% of the cyclists that are actually on the road.

The fact is that most motorists DO NOT notice cyclists on the road.

How do workers get to work in industrial areas? Well if there are cycleways then they can ride instead of trying to drive & block the road for commercial vehicles & your car.
Nice reply John.

I too have seen pedestrian, bike & "kids in the play area" numbers go up significantly in my local suburban park area because the local council built a shared path about 1km long.

(OK I admit I'm the bikeways engineer that got it built :-) But the numbers did significantly go up. I just wish I had actually measured the before and after usage! )
Alan Jones is not a real human.
He is good for the local economy- I saw a stall at the Summer Hill Festival selling Alan Jones On Your Bike T shirts.

Hey, has anyone mentioned that Clover broke her ankle on her bike the other day- report in the Saturday Herald.

Unsurprisingly the appalling man is getting his appalling audience back.


According to destroythejoint though mostly the big advertisers are away still, or have been back and went away again claiming a 3rd party mistake after destroythejoint pointed out that they had agreed not to advertise.


I think we could use a list of businesses who we should not be spending our money with. Maybe not here exactly, lest there be legal hiccups for Damian. Does anyone know of a reliable boycott list?

Thx for this. And here I can see that major advertisers are still away, the only one left just now is NRMA Motoring. Not something cyclists need unless they have a car too, in which case others are offering road service.

The advertiser discouragement is costing MRN $2m/month apparently.

I simply tell taxi drivers to turn off commercial radio. I am not willing to listen to it and will get out of the cab if they don't turn it off.


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