Just checked the Aldi site and saw that this weeks (from Thursday 25th) specials include cycling gear.

More information here

I have an Aldi jersey and it's ok quality, nothing brilliant but certainly not bad.

Also have one of their softshell jackets and it is really great quality. Warm without being hot, good pockets, nice gripper on the hem so it stays in place without being tight. Very impressed with it.

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I've purchased two cycling shirts over the years from aldi and I must say that they have lasted very well. I'm planning on getting several more - at only $20 each and without any wannabe sponsorship on them, they make a bargain.
I got the Aldi cycling shirt, it's lasted well. When I was doing the North Sydney commute I saw quite a few middle-aged guys wearing them, but never the young fashionistas.
I guess the members over at "Cycle Chic" won't be interested in these .... I love a good bargain and the bonus, you're not paying to advertise on behalf of brand names.
that purple jacket in the pic up there looks like it would go great with your hair colour Susan!
Yes the colour of the one I got last time matches really well! it's such a great jacket for winter that I think I'm going to get another one.
I also own that jacket and also give it the thumbs up.
Thanks for the tip!! Adios my incredibly stinky gloves.
Put the old gloves in the dishwasher (bottom shelf). It seemed to work for me, although I have no sense of smell.
lol, but what a great idea!
Hmm, I'll get 2 pairs, so there's one for the wash. Then only my helmet will be suspect.
The cycling socks are great.
The jerseys don't look cool but they last forever. I have one from when they were on sale 3 years ago. I've washed it 100s of times.
I found the bib shorts, as cheap as they are, to be an odd fit.


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