Shared paths on Dacey Av. New intersection at Anzac Pde and Alison Rd. Have your say on the interactive map, if it loads.

Check out the videos too on the project page, scroll down to the bottom of page.

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I've submitted a comment asking how to ride to the start of the shared path from Sydney park

Won't load on my clapped out iPad but if it did I'd say 2.5 m shared paths are crap, particularly if you have to give way at all the side streets. Dacey Av is so wide surely they could have done a separate bike path. A Dutch style cycle bridge over the whole schemozzle at Anzac Pde would be great too.

I've criticized a bunch of detail handling and overoptimizations that are pointless.

A bit of an off-topic spray -

RMS admits this route upgrade is part due to WasteConnex and part to increasing density.  But RMS and its predecessors have a hundred year history of pandering to the motor car lobby.  It's been their whole reason for existence.  RMS was supposed to be made subservient to Transport for NSW in Gladys's re-shufle of a couple of years ago, but RMS still runs rampant.

Two examples -  RMS is given the task of improving bus services.  It does so by closing bus stops!  Now have a look at its Anzac Pde / Alison Road intersection plan.  Every road lane and stop line for the mostly single-occupant traffic is depicted in great detail.  Yet the light rail line, with each vehicle carrying up to 400 people, is shown as a hastily drawn, jagged single red line, superimposed on the aerial photo.

Put RMS back in its box!

It's pretty dam obvious that this development is part and parcel with the WestConnex dumping thousands of extra cars in St Peter's.  Adding rail lines instead of a motorway would of dumped thousands of pedestrians close to their destination

Keep the comments going, have to agree with Jason's on all those slip lanes. Surely RMS isn't serious, thought that design was now frowned upon from point of view of pedestrians, and cyclists on a shared path. And just why does the shared path stop the street before Sth Dowling? Can't see why they can't make the Dacey AV paths separated rather than shared, and why not a bridge over Dacey at some point so you could avoid the multi stage crossings at Anzac? You could have a path running south down Anzac towards Todman, and cross over there to resume on Anzac southward.

I occasionally come down Sydney Park Road before turning left on to Euston Road to pick up small items from the Bunnings on the way in to work.  I then continue on to McEvoy before slaloming up Loveridge, Power, Wyndham to head up to Redfern and come in to the City.

There is no way I am going to be using the shared path if I have to stop at each intersection to cross over and will be sticking on the road.  I am sure this is going to infuriate any drivers as they can see a shared path that they will consider is designed for me.

Whilst it's hard to support all levels of cyclists and adding shared paths for those less experienced is a somewhat positive step, I can only see that it is going to reflect badly on those that are trying to commute to work in the most efficient way possible.  CoS and RMS need to see that trying to force cyclists off of a road and on to the pavement is not the approach that should be taken to manage cyclist/motorist/pedestrian interactions.  As a cyclist this looks flawed from the outset.

Even the drive through animations speed around the corners....

I notice they have now extended the shared path east from Young through to Sth Dowling St. An "oversight" they said, in an email.

Finally getting a bit of negative media attention, and rightly identified as an extension of Westconnex.

To this extent, Westconnex has become a cancer, metastasizing to other areas of Sydney. This design will simply induce demand for motorists to drive from St Peters to Randwick. But what then? Alison Rd, Anzac Parade and beyond will become traffic sewers. They are already bad, and there will be no drop in numbers driving once the light rail opens, because the modelling indicates the trams will be jammed full on Day 1. 

My one hope is that this is going to fuck up the the Eastern suburbs so badly it will get blocked by the some of the rich and powerful that live there, but I'm probably wrong. 

Traffic flow along there could be dramatically improved with a lot less cost.  No right turns at some intersections to allow for 2 lanes to go straight and getting rid of the kink.  All up perhaps a 1/4 of the cost as there is al lot less land acquired


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