Alfred Street at Circular Quay closing down (access by bike?)

Transport NSW has sent out a press release saying that 

From 7 July, Alfred Street between Loftus and George Streets, and Loftus Street between Reiby Place and Alfred Street will be closed due to light rail construction. To ensure access to the Rocks precinct is maintained, one northbound lane and one southbound lane will be opened on George Street between Grosvenor and Alfred Streets.

Press release

What I would like to know is, am I able to still ride through the area to work?

Zone 1 map

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Thanks for posting - I ride that way daily and had no idea.

Looks like I'll ride up George Street, then left on Bridge and right into Pitt... better give myself a few extra minutes tomorrow!



I guess the footpaths will still be open, so southbound cyclists can probably still access Pitt St via the ped crossings on Alfred. Walking bike of course. Too hard to actually provide any legal bike access of course. Let us know how it goes.

Not too bad this morning - you can turn left before Bridge Street down a lane way and then right on Pitt to avoid the queue of cars turning left onto Bridge Street.

The only thing to really be careful with is the actual tram tracks - they look perfect for swallowing road tyres. I jumped the tracks a few times it caught me off guard as I was thinking about route and being 5 minutes late!


You mean there is something to show from all that construction/destruction?

Yes finally - I suspect there is lots of noise/disruption then in the last couple of months everything will seem to get done.

If feels like nothing was done in Sydney for 20 years and in the last couple of years they are trying to do everything at once.

Once George Street is finished it will be fantastic - all I will have to complain about is lack of a good bike share scheme and plastic hat laws.


If feels like nothing was done in Sydney for 20 years and in the last couple of years they are trying to do everything at once.

There was a very large (but little publicised) debt from the olympics that Mike Egan diligently paid off, and then he pumped lots of cash into the unfunded State Super/Police schemes (both the correct thing to do, but not really a top story on the nightly news). This hindered other infrastructure spending for a long time. He retired, then there were lots of 'nightly news headline' from Bob Carr, but, what appeared to be, little actual build, not sure what happened, probably the GFC smashed stamp duty revenue, yet Syd pop'n kept growing by >75K yr.

I chanced my life using the uphill bike path on King Street - will look at the mess in Circular Quay on Monday morning and see how it plays out.

Why I hate King Street bike path reason number 342:

Clippy McClipface in front of me failed to clip in on the green bike light, he used his bike as a scooter to cross painfully slowly. I think 3 bikes legally made it up through the intersection, the remaining 8 or so either ran the red or stopped and waited.

PS. I love clipping in - but as a courtesy please track stand or track sit and take off the instant light is green and intersection clear. Come on people I thought the dominating pervading sports cyclist culture was strong in Sydney. Why can't people on bicycles just practice heaps and live for cycling so they can use the "infrastructure" slowly being rolled out 20 years too late in the city? 

Let's also mandate pro team kit on Fridays for anyone on a bicycle without exception - thoughts?


Let's also mandate pro team kit on Fridays for anyone on a bicycle without exception - thoughts?

I'm in! In fact I'm wearing an assortment of team kit right now, even though I'm working from home and haven't even seen a bike today.

I'm half serious about pro kit. Lots of sports encourage people to buy their kit, wear it with pride. Cycling is kind of funny as the prevailing attitude is only wear it if you earned it.

One day a week should be set aside for team kit, a good way to support the teams - especially some of the smaller teams on shoe string budgets.


I really like that - especially given the reason behind it.

Further to that, the outfits of other sporting codes can be worn even when not participating in the sport, but where a cycling jersey (even if cycling) and you're considered a "lycra clad lunatic"

Speaking of smaller teams, Bike Leichhardt just got a New Jersey, welcome to support us - order thru Body Torque. Might be a bit too Italian for some, green and red and white. Better than Fabian Aru's.


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