Thank you Sydney Cyclist and all Sydney Cyclist inhabitants!

I think I became a member here around July - August 2011. On doctors orders, I had to get a healthier lifestyle - my weight was slowly ballooning and with two young children, I wanted to still be around as they grew up.

I bought a bike and started riding again, after around 25 - 30 year off.

Having forgotten almost everything I ever knew about bikes and riding, Sydney Cyclist has been an amazing and invaluable resource!

Last night I weighed myself and I have reached a milestone, or discarded a millstone perhaps -

105kg in 2011.

85kg now.

I'm feeling better then I've felt in 20 or 30 years.

And on Friday morning, I'm heading down to Bright for a few days of mountain climbing! Never thought I'd be enjoying that  :-)

Old me smiling, sitting on my arse  .................................... New me grinning as I climb Tawonga Gap!

Thanks again everybody.

Thank you Damian - keep up the good work!


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A very worthy forum topic too, have fun with those hills, someone has to do it (so that I don't)

I'm actually looking forward to it this time Bill - last time I was scared!
The weather down there is looking a bit daunting - maxes in Bright this week up to 37C.
But we aren't doing anything exceptionally long, so we should be done by noon each day hopefully.


Now we know why someone would do hill repeats ! 

Hill repeats are go the Peter.
Them and the gym.

The trick now will be to maintain my weight, or even drop some more, on a sustainable basis into the future.


Thanks Noel, I'm feeling awesomely better than I did back in the pre bike days.

You can have my empty 7 Peaks Passport, I don't think I will be needing it before the snows come, got it  last year in a burst of unrealistic optimism

Hopefully we will do three, maybe four.
Thanks for the kind offer, but the empty ones are ready to pick up ;-)

Well done, John! Keep up the good work.

Thanks Adam,will do.

Not even Duncan Gay will stop me!

Good on you John. I did Tawonga Gap a few years ago on a fully laden touring bike in about 1h 15m or so. It was early morning with a light misty rain falling and it was great. Rode all of the way from Mt Beauty to Myrtleford. Enjoy your time down there!

Earl morning and light misty rain would be nice!

I can't imagine chugging up on a loaded tourer.

I need to give it a try at some stage. Maybe next year!


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