Thank you Sydney Cyclist and all Sydney Cyclist inhabitants!

I think I became a member here around July - August 2011. On doctors orders, I had to get a healthier lifestyle - my weight was slowly ballooning and with two young children, I wanted to still be around as they grew up.

I bought a bike and started riding again, after around 25 - 30 year off.

Having forgotten almost everything I ever knew about bikes and riding, Sydney Cyclist has been an amazing and invaluable resource!

Last night I weighed myself and I have reached a milestone, or discarded a millstone perhaps -

105kg in 2011.

85kg now.

I'm feeling better then I've felt in 20 or 30 years.

And on Friday morning, I'm heading down to Bright for a few days of mountain climbing! Never thought I'd be enjoying that  :-)

Old me smiling, sitting on my arse  .................................... New me grinning as I climb Tawonga Gap!

Thanks again everybody.

Thank you Damian - keep up the good work!


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Brilliant story John

Thanks Cogs. Well worth it.

Re your post on the traffic backup this morning -

A ride from Mosman to RNSH is a very pleasant trip, all on back streets - no traffic, no footpaths! 

Looking great John - congrats on a superb lifestyle change. I cant believe we are still yet to meet, having met a fair few of the Sydney Cyclists and having spoken to you on the phone too!

Have fun in Bright - thats real God's country in my opinion, the best place I've ever been riding (ok i am not the most experianced admittedly!)

Yeah, sorry Bhanu but the timing and duration of Audax rides rarely or never works for me :-(. I've done 100km one, (that started in Hornsby), but you were recovering that weekend from something the week before.
One day!

I'm really looking forward to the weekend!

Top effort John. Enjoy your riding

You too Andrew!


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