N/A is regularly on my case to get mudguards for my touring bike.

But maybe I should just wait for this little number to go into production instead!


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That looks pretty neat! I wonder if it folds in the nested coils like one of those stupid beach shelters that I can never get to fold up properly?

I'm sure N/A will have a suitable comment and story to add.

Mudguards, +1

this fairing, 0

I like it but with a muddies + beach ball combo you do have good options to attach number plates.

I think this needs a bit more future proofing around this as the current $405 fine for having "Obscured Number Plates" may upset me a little too much to maintain new bike gadget enthusiasm.

Go and buy it,then complain what a cr@p it is.....

I'll hold onto my money until the LeafXPro + Smart Hat Combo Deal is available.

Mudguards are a necessary evil on a touring bike. I am still looking for a set which won't rattle, won't catch my foot and won't break. I may have to do a blog along the lines of "N/A Syndrome", called "Mudguard Theory and Practice".

I don't recommend you sink too much of your hard-earned into this device, Mr O'. I'd hate to be riding it in a strong side-wind. Though it may be no worse than this, and its rider did a much faster time than I did in that PBP. (And it has mudguards.)

are they made in shade clothe lol


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