This morning I was riding a nice flat loop from Blacktown along Richmond rd, turn towards Windsor, stop at the bakery for coffee & pastry then return to Blacktown via Windsor rd.
Apart from the delicious pastry it was an uneventful ride. Perfect. Then as I approach the intersection of Windsor & Sunnyholt rd two tradies (big Leb looking blokes) thought it would be fun to scare a random cyclist.

So I'm cycling along in the bike lane minding my own business when the passenger of a tray top ute yells out something very loudly as they pass me very closely at high speed.

Yes, I'm startled but it's not the first time I've been heckled. Also with much glee, I realise I will be passing them - stuck in traffic in about 800 metres. So I ride on.

I take a quick sip from my 3/4 empty bidon. That won't be much use. I replace it in the cage & draw my 100% FULL bidon from the seat tube cage. I'm closing in.

Biding my time, I pull open the bidon valve. As I approach I can see the ute window is still wound down.

Timed to perfection I burst a nice steady stream of water in through the window into the lap of my assailant!

Of course the only thing funnier than scaring a cyclist is humiliating a tradie! Well maybe not in their view. They then proceeded to drive in the cycle lane to chase me. Their mission was short lived as I moved across into the right turn lane through the stopped vehicles.

Now they were stuck over to the left turning lane. The passenger wanted get out & come over. I think the sheer number of potential witnesses stalled him. The driver called out to invite me over. I smiled & declined (never try to fight in road cleats). Eventually my right lane got the green light & off I went. But not before hearing a glass bottle smash nearby.

Risky I know. But some satisfaction in not just copping abuse from cowards.

UPDATE! (17-Feb-12)

I rode the same stretch of road this morning with absolutely no incidents or harassment.

Any suggestion that the locals have been stirred into a violent, cyclist hating frenzy is purely in your imagination.

Carry on riding. Nothing to see here!

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I love it. What a pity you weren't drinking some nice sticky orange juice.

When cycling and I get cut off/beeped at/sworn at etc, I only shout at them. Each time I think, boy I should stop doing that. You have some balls! Can you get a camera, so next time we can see their faces? (might be good insurance too, in case you need a witness). Jeez, the aggression of Sydney certainly does suck.

I've been looking at the cameras people have suggested on SC.

I truly have no idea & little money.

* USB.

* Waterproof/resistant.

* Reasonable catch them in the act resolution.

i wouldn't do it unless i could be certain of escape with vehicle keys

better to remember or camera plate for causing them pain later methinks

Pity the next cyclist these guys come across!

Agreed, this is potential danger for the next cyclist, remember force = mass x velocity it's never going to be pretty. I usually wave or continue on my merry way.

If you feel they have put your life in danger then report them to the police.

There’s a star wars gag in there somewhere, but I haven’t had a coffee yet..


so is it force or momentum that kills/maims?

One for the crash (test) specialists.

I'd say forces on the body which result from acceleration plus being smashed on the ground.

The momentum of the vehicle is of little relevance, speed at impact will determine what speed the body is accelerated to and the shape/hardness will determine how fast that acceleration is.

Lack of consequence is the reason such behaviour has become the sport of yobbos. You surely can't argue to cop it sweet for fear of greater rage. That sounds like battered wife syndrome.

I doubt there's any likelihood that those two tradies will change their behaviour either way but at least they now know they won't always be able to treat a cyclist poorly with no chance of being held responsible.

a moron is a moron, how can this event turns into a Leb pack fighting? I'm no leb as you can see from my last name and I could be harassed by some ex 5T tradies near Cabramatta area.


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