Lucky me will be going to Amsterdam for a few days for work. I'll be staying about 1km away from the RAI convention centre, and I'll have 1 day free. Any recommendations? How cold will I be considering I find a Sydney winter bitterly cold.

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What month you going? I'm there in January and it's going to be reasonably cold then. 

end of November

Check out the weather forecast in

And see how hot cold is it.

~ Euro28 for a guided bike tour ~ 3 hours  ( cheap as chips compared  to a Sydney Bike Tour eg:

Most tours will give you a discount if you rent the bike afterwards.

One option

and many more on the web

Bike tours are consistently at the top of  'to-do' things per tripadvisor.

I highly recommend and my family allocates time for them during our travels 

I was there earlier this year, and hired a bike for the duration.

If you have the time, I recommend a day-trip into the countryside. It's easy by bike. I've attached the route I went on - it was a 40 km round trip.  I had lunch in Abcoude town - it was very pleasant. You get to see the Dutch versions of urban, suburban, and rural, all in an easy day's ride.


Is it likely to be slippery/ icey to ride? Or will it be more like a wet day here?

Will bike hire come with a bike lock, should i take my own? I assume they do actually lock their bikes...

From the link above : 

Winter City bike tour 3

Amsterdam does have a mild climate and winter days can be surprisingly warm, above 10 degrees Celsius is not uncommon at all, but we do recommend that everyone coming on the tour be prepared to dress warmly and to have a good winter hat and a pair of gloves. In case of rain we do provide very good rain ponchos for free and will have a selection of winter hats and gloves for sale as well.

I see pictures with snow , so....

But if you ride sensibly (ie like a Dutch person going about their normal business) there shouldn't be an issue

Also, standard Dutch bikes comes with a in-built lock, in fact, for most bike rentals, you need to show them the key if your bike gets stolen (you can only remove the key if you engage the lock) to avoid having to pay a hefty fee for not locking up like a Dutch person!

Thanks everyone for the responses

Another question, and this has nothing to do with cycling at all, but is about practicality: For the phone, typically I get a sim which has unlimited data and calls for the short time I'm there. Any suggestions? I assume something from the airport?

Work would pay for my data if it's a work trip.

Not worth the bother for a short trip, but if I were doing multiple European countries I would get  something like : or similar

On personal trips I survived most of Europe with wifi from hotels ,restaurants  and shopping centres

I pretty much only need 

1/ Maps.ME offline maps

2/ Strava to track rides and only uploaded with wifi /data

3/ Next time round I'll add Google Translate with offline translation files

I bought a Dutch SIM from the first convenience store I saw once I got out of Amsterdam train station. Cheap and easy.

A recent law change in Europe means all European SIMS must have free roaming throughout the EU (there are a few small exceptions to this new law).

I agree with PeterT re MAPS.ME offline maps - they're great, just remember to download the countries/areas you need before you leave. 


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