My wife saw a Metre Matters panel in a bus stop today in Norton St, must be part of the AGF campaign.
Take a photo of one and you can win a prize, might as well have a go

See they have merchandise for sale too if groups want to buy some A Metre Matters material, on the safe communities website.

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You had me at parlousness. Great word!

"To this end, we invite any interested forum members to register their interest in being part of the panel for our future campaigns, and indeed their interest in working with us on other rider safety programs."

I'd be interested (as the owner of this site) in any engagement around future campaigns. 

Sorry Damien, been there done that. The AGF is renowned for this also. We have shared a fair amount of information including meetings with State Ministers, and yet in 4 years the AGF have never reciprocated. They use what they can to get a leg up in what is seen by them as a race to the wads of cash or television cameras, none of which most groups are too concerned about typically, but then you see another AGF "initiative" hit the streets after someone having worked tirelessly on it themselves for years. We can message you names if you want further eveidence of this.
Helping the AGF is signing your own death warrant if you're small enough.

Who has more members?

Who ate you referring to? We have around 300 hits per month on the website at SCA. At one point a cpl of weeks ago we had around 1700 hundred talking about our FB page and we only have just over 1200 followers. The AGF outstrips SCA for followers on FB (5k+) and Twitter, but their numbers are falling and ours are climbing. Conservative estimate for SCA supporter would be around 6-7000. I'm sure Damien has a good number of members between the Sydney, Melbourne and Brissy forum sites.

I'd be interested (as the owner of this site) in any engagement around future campaigns. 

Hail Ants!!!

Or not?

1 metre is nowhere near enough, AGF. An unseen pothole and there is a cyclist under a car or truck. Was 1 metre chosen because it made an easy slogan ? A minimum of 1.5m at 50kph, or significantly more at faster speeds, is required. A complete lane change on a multi lane road. Unfortunately you are giving well intentioned motorists very poor adcice. Your bull on a bike arrogant cyclist red light campaign is great for cycle hating bogans, but very worrying for those of us on bikes. Please put a bit more thought into your campaigns. Thanks.

It looks like the AGF brain stormed this morning, typed this up and did a bit of a spell check before whamo. Must be a new record. I look forward to your next whatever being as monumentally useless as your last few AGF.
By the way AGF, Brisbane is better off without your presence and without your hands in Campbell Newman's pockets.

That is a disgraceful campaign, Kylie, and it is supported by BNSW !

The AGF are more interested in a catchy slogan than safe practice "Signal and change lanes to overtake."

Either that or they've market tested various phrases and this one had the best traction. To paraphrase, the best (i.e. most accurate) thing to do would be to quote the relevant legislation - but no one is going to "get it" (it being the message). So you've got to come up with another way of wording it that people can read quickly, interpret, and understand.

That being said, I still don't like "a metre matters" because as best I've been able to interpret it, it legitimises illegal overtaking - I am yet to have anyone explain to me where in the ARR it is permitted to overtake another vehicle while remaining in the same lane; ARR 144(b) expressly implies the overtaking vehicle must move fully in to the adjacent lane as it cannot return to the lane until safe to do so.


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