My wife saw a Metre Matters panel in a bus stop today in Norton St, must be part of the AGF campaign.
Take a photo of one and you can win a prize, might as well have a go

See they have merchandise for sale too if groups want to buy some A Metre Matters material, on the safe communities website.

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this makes it pretty clear, in the Road Rules Dictionary at

"overtake" , for a driver, means the action of:

(a) approaching from behind another driver travelling in the same marked lane or line of traffic, and
(b) moving into an adjacent marked lane or part of the road on which there is room for a line of traffic (whether or not the lane or part of the road is for drivers travelling in the same direction), and
(c) passing the other driver while travelling in the adjacent marked lane or line of traffic.

This doesnt apply to a vehicle passing a cyclist riding in the shoulder though, which is where a lot of close shaves happen. The AGF campaign may help in this case. Should the law be changed to say something about safe passing of cyclists in shoulder or bicycle lanes too?

Technically I suppose they say "see option b) - I moved to a part of the road where there was room, it just so happened to be in the same lane". Is that allowed, or more correctly, specifically verboten? That being said, the number of times I am overtaken in a single lane with the driver straddling a solid dividing line...

"And" not "or" in the above, and somewhere else it says "lines of traffic" is only applicable when there are no lanes.

And I agree about the overtaking on unbroken lines, double centre lines as well, my favorite local one being Balmain Rd outside the Secondary College. Only excuse for doing this is to get around an obstruction, and slow moving vehicles aren't obstructions, and then only if safe. Half the time they do it with oncoming cars!

Why are my replies to specific posts showing up as new posts, instead of specific replies ? It is out of context.

Conspiracy? Or paranoia?


Scarily, I read something today that WA Police have chosen not to enforce safe-distance overtaking. Prolly the only difference between their stance and NSW Police is that WA Police have made their position public.

Don't know how close was close in this story, but notice the 'man' was charged with the assaulting/push with his hands but not for whatever he was doing in his 1500kg + vehicle.

Can only imagine what would have happened if there wasn't 3 cyclists there.

I can't find it now but somewhere in amoungst these pages was mention of cycle advocacy groups targeting cyclist behaviour  so that these groups can go to the Government and say "look what we are doing and how we help cyclists safety, we deserve more money for cycling."

Wonder how that is going in Victoria where the budget is now, um, zero?

See how effective bl00dy BV is?


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