My wife saw a Metre Matters panel in a bus stop today in Norton St, must be part of the AGF campaign.
Take a photo of one and you can win a prize, might as well have a go

See they have merchandise for sale too if groups want to buy some A Metre Matters material, on the safe communities website.

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There's one in the middle of the Alison Road SUP.  The bus stop narrows the path to less than a metre.

Wouldn't it be nice if the AGF and NSW police (and those other states) could work together and follow the lead of the Austin Police department?

These Amy Gillett people fill me with deep suspicion. Whether it's the woeful insufficiency of their slogan "a metre matters", the cyclist-blaming they indulge in, or the involvement of right-wing pollsters like Mark Textor, I can't seem to see any good in them. They seem to have a bucket of money; enough to afford TV ads and billboard campaigns, and yet they fritter it away on weak stuff like this.

How did they get their sudden position of power and influence? Is there any democratic oversight of them?

Colin. Check out the AGF website. Governance details are there. Thanks. Tex
Mate you hit the nail on the bloody head here!
My organisation - Safe Cycling Australia - was largely responsable for the implementation of Brisbnae CBD's "share the road" signage 3 years ago. Those signs are still there an yet look at the pics below. We seek LASTING change, not just one week campaigns at horrific expense that are forgotten the day they're replaced with the latest box office poster at your nearest bus stop.
Surely, when our total budgetary spend last year totalled less than $1k and yet we achieve so much, the "company" that runs on a 7 figure budget could do something constructive for cyclists. It's all about cash grabs in demanding money from groups and individuals to be able to MARKET a slogan when the AGF should be using its potential clout to actively lobby those that require lobbying for actual change.
I am able to add that three years ago in a phone convo the the AGF's CEO, we were encouraged to use the "a metre matters" slogan in order to present a nationally recognised message on our cycling jersey.
Late last year the very same CEO told me that they had trademarked the slogan and wanted us to pay for the right to use it. The AGF can shove their trademarked slogan.
The fact is that the AGF is quickly becoming redundant and have begun clutching at straws such as the TAC Warnie debacle and apps for mobile devices that block calls and txts while driving when those mobile devices have off and mute buttons. Advocacy is not a business and there is no place for such smoke and mirrors when lives are potentially at risk on our roads every day!
The yellow signage is all over Brisbane's CBD, meanwhile...
Here today:
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Gone tomorrow:
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The full list of those posters is here:

Almost all of them put the onus of responsibility on the cyclist alone. The Mutual Respect one suggests riding on the road is a jousting match where both cyclist and motorist have equivalent weapons and armour.

Not helpful at all.

Thanks for this Jay.....I'm a little conflicted over these "educational" posters. As you rightly point out, it assumes an uneven onus of responsibility. However, I'm not "offended" by the posters (although their inference irks me) since I do all the things they say.

But here's my point.....none of the things these posters suggest will make me any safer on the road. My "evidence" lays in my trips to hospital. Each time I was following the road rules, each time I was still hit by inattentive and negligent car operators.

All the posters in the world won't make me safer but reducing the number of cars on the road and increasing the number of cyclists will. In my eyes the AGF is slowly transforming into yet another conformist entity who rely on their said conformity for their revenue.....never rocking the boat, never swimming against the stream, never truly challenging the status quo but rather bowing down to the corporatised powers that control our society.

New poster idea: "Oi! Stop reading this and PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD!"

Ha, that is kind of funny, this was exactly the sort of thing I assumed BikeSydney were looking for.

Again, the AGF's Red Light poster is in (poorly executed) response to SCA's now global Stop On Red poster campaign on social media which has been truly huge and largely well received. No bright ideas, just brightly coloured crap which depicts cyclist in a light which motorists will love ie angry and bull headed.
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In excess of 950 shares an 120k likes just on FB in the last 2 months. Then there's Twitter and G+. and you can download it or share it for FREE.

Spotted one this morning - on a bus stop on Elizabeth St, southbound side just before it crosses Redfern St.

I hope someone manages to submit a photo of a metre matters poster somewhere like the Victoria Road shared path, where the privatised bus stop posters take up more than a meter of the path, leaving cyclists with less than a metre.

I think my favourite has to be the following one, I'm glad that this safe cycling advocacy group has chosen to ignore the car that is literally flying down the road, ignore the lack of separated infrastructure for kids to ride to school on, and focus on the kid's choice of hat. 

This campaign is supported by BNSW.


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