Abdullah Zeinab from Melbourne won the 2019 Trans Am Bike Race and set a record. Not that you would notice given the only media I have seen on this was an interview on ABC News Breakfast and this blog post.

This is the same guy who finished first in the unofficial Indiepac wheel race - and the only media for that was an interview on ABC News Breakfast. Nothing on SBS or any other service. Go figure!

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The loneliness of the long distance cyclist. Pretty amazing story.

what happened to RAAM? An Aussie won that too IIRCC, Jeremy Tatrai. He turned up on an LBUG ride once, as a captain for a blind rider on a tandem.

Gerry won it twice back in the '90's and was close a few times as well if my memory serves me

So those equally inspiring SC members preparing for Paris-Brest-Paris starting in about 5 weeks should be able to manage on only 25 hash browns, hopefully enough McDonalds along the route and a couple of the Paris-Brest cakes


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