Angry cyclist, downed scooter . Gta San Andreas, YouTube

It would be illegal to use it in Australia.

It`s hilarious to watch it.

Added 19/12. Go Pro Air View.

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The language is excellent too.

It’s by a well known Italian prankster. 

And yes i noticed the fruity language too! Plenty of “va' a fa' 'n culo‘s” there.

We used to have bike dogfights like this as kids - using a bottle on the handlebars to hold the rockets, and a bit of mosquito coil to light them.

Small rockets were only a few cents each.

Great fun.

A deadly dangerous foolhardy idiotic thing to consider today ......

Yeah we used to have bottle rocket fights when we were kids and we all died or lost eyes, fingers, hands, arms or legs. Oh that's right no we didn't we all had fun - the only kids I knew or heard of who were seriously injured or killed during childhood were those who were hit by motor vehicles or involved in motor vehicle "accidents". I guess not much has changed apart from no more fun.

Too right!

Fun got replaced, for the motorists, by shock jocks on commercial radio in traffic jams. Occasionally seeing one of us whiz by.

It's a rare riding day where my thumb doesn't twitch on the handlebars feeling for the trigger of the moron seeking missile launcher except there are so many I could never afford to keep up the supply.

Vaguely related: Netherlands changed their law last week to allow councils to ban motor scooters from bike paths.

oh, and there is this


Are you blind,John?

Why post the same video in new thread???????

Another video added. 

With Go Pro Air View in main thread for overhead view of actions.


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