Inner West Council has called tenders (T18-19) for the widening of the bridge over Johnston Ck.  It includes provision of a bicycle path.

(Ref - SMH 28.5.19)

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This is a joint project with City of Sydney, with Innerwest doing the design and managing. Unfortunate since CoS has been more bike friendly on their side of Booth. 

On the City of Sydney side there is to be a bike lane uphill to Alexandra Drive, plus retaining the existing two way shared path. But Innerwest Council for some reason won’t declare a shared path over the bridge on their side, even though there is room, and no bike lane either. So cyclists coming from Pyrmont Bridge Rd on Booth will have to share the road over the bridge and through the roundabout at Wigram, although it will be easy enough to use the footpath I think, from the Kennards driveway, just not legally. 

Not so bad  if coming out of Alexandra Drive, which is the cycle route from Glebe and the City.  You will be able to use the shared path on the City side legally down to the refuge crossing and cross Booth there, onto the footpath, to avoid the roundabout, but not legally. Trying to pressure Inner West to make their footpath a shared path from Taylor St to at least Kennards driveway, and I’m thinking why not all the way to Pyrmont Bridge Rd? You see kids and adults already doing this at school time, to avoid the roundabout and squeeze approach over the bridge.

Please write to the and request a shared path on their side over the bridge and past the roundabout. It will be an item I hope on next Bicycle Working Group meeting on 20 June at 6 pm in Petersham council office. Supposed to be a report on the issue.


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