Announcing- the Inner West Bicycle Coalition- first up, Lilyfield Rd

Bike Marrickville, Bike Leichhardt and ASHBUG have formed the Inner West Bicycle Coalition to present a more unified voice to the recently amalgamated Inner West Council and other authorities like Urban Growth and Westconnex. We are retaining our individual structures for the time being, but will endeavour to cooperate on the bigger issues through the Coalition, which will have a coordinator and input from the three groups.

Early days, and we don't presume to be the only cycling groups in the Inner West, so looking to join forces with others, including people or groups in Canada Bay, Burwood and maybe Canterbury. If interested let me know on

Better still, join one of the three groups above and get in on the action.


(Edit, I added Lilyfield Rd to the title, since that is the first matter we are looking at).

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Good to see Bob. I always hoped that the amalgamation would head in this direction. or both quality in the Council bureaucracy and scale in advocacy groups.  

Good onya Bob.  High priority - re-sealing of Vic Rd shared path to remove bum-damaging iregularities.

Good point. I'd prefer that path be replaced entirely, by something safe and functional.

Is this a dream that Waste-con might deliver?

With that theme in mind I went exploring the Rozelle side of Vic Rd.

In the hope that the new road doesn't take it out, from Iron Cove's new bridge I found Moodie-Waterloo-Darling-Red Lion-Kennif-Quirk to be pretty good. Much quicker & more restful than the infernal lanterns and bus stops on the botched shared path.

Citybound think I'd ask for a contraflow on Belmore, as it is I reckon doing that informally is safer and shorter than Darling-Red Lion-Evans based upon the driver behaviours I saw. A proper lane would be even better.

Coming West, I think I'd prefer a formal path thru the park at the W end of Quirk. Ellen St is super quiet and sets you up for the downhill bus lane whizz after crossing Darling. Seemed popular with riders I saw capable of hopping the kerb on Evans.

Next time I shall look at the Balmain side of Rozelle.

Figure 10-10 Page 95 of the former council's plan shows their proposed cycle routes as alternatives to Viccy Rd, and to me it seems not too bad at first sight.

bike plan

The loop SE of Iron Cove bridge (Manning) seems annoying, in that it is not only a deviation but also increases the amount of height gain needed travelling citybound. On the other hand that deviation neatly circuits the kerfuffle the proposed West Connex will surely cause. Depending upon what they actually do.

I'm thinking that we ought to be insisting that movement along Vic Rd south side not be interrupted for pedestrians and cyclists, at the same time the mapped deviation ought to be built before motorway construction begins.

What should happen at the goodsyard end? IDK really but I think a greenspace destination there that is integrated with pedestrian and cycling routes is probably the go.

As for the northern loop shown on the map, I am thinking that is really best viewed as our access route to Birchgrove and Balmain.

The northern loop inbound actually doesn't take much longer than plodding along the Vic Rd footpath, dodging all the hazards and waiting for the lights etc, we did a test a while back. But it is a bit hairy at a few points. It does indeed serve as a Balmain route, linking with Beattie St, so is sort of two for the price of one.

This route could be modified by diverting it away from finishing at Vic Rd at Robert St and go instead more towards Mullens and then Robert to get onto the Ports land, and then to the old Glebe Island bridge when it gets refurbed or replaced.

Manning St is too steep IMO, east of Moodie, not sure why they put it in, but there could be a route through Callan Park from the end of Moodie. They just need to unlock a gate in the wall.

Why not a bicycle tunnel under Rozelle alongside the westcon road tunnel? Come out in the Railyards in Lilyfield and then on to the City or Glebe. Could be a gentle downslope from Moodie St all the way to the Railyards. Wizz along. Tunnel too scary for us?

Yes, Manning is steep you are right. Same reason I discount Kennif westbound.

Gotta admit, after riding ANZAC bridge sarvo I stayed that side until Evans, then used it to join Vic Rd with the cars and rode on-road all the way to the Iron Cove bridge without putting a foot down.

I'm 'getting' what's good for me, not so much a family on bikes trying to do the same thing.

Because you say the northern loop is slower than the Vic Rd footpath I'll stick to my thinking that it's for Balmain access more than city.

Transurban will build us a tunnel with a $30 toll no doubt. I wonder whether cyclists will end up riding West Connex, I will cheer if they do!

Now that we have a superbug perhaps we can infect Duncan with something he cannot cure with an antibiotic.

did you mean antibikeotic


I think I can cure a lot with a brick dropped from a great height

The next version of the Lilyfield Rd upgrade is on display on 29th Nov from 630 pm at Leichhardt Town Hall. Have the consultants listened to what most people were saying at the last meeting way back in June about bi-dis not being the best solution on a fast commuter route with steep downhills? Will the alternatives thrown up by Westconnex plans for the Rozelle/Lilyfield Railyards be explored?

The artists impressions show the yards turned into a linear park with paths running through and across, so it should be easy to come off Lilyfield Rd near Catherine St and run through the park to the old Glebe Island Bridge or Balmain via the Old Power Station, and to The Crescent and Blackwattle Bay. No need to negotiate the footbridge over Victoria Rd.

So, if you can, please come along on the 29th and make your views known. I can sign you up to the IWBC as a supporter.

I'd like to come along Bob.

For someone living in Glebe, I should probably join bike Leichardt too ?


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