Announcing- the Inner West Bicycle Coalition- first up, Lilyfield Rd

Bike Marrickville, Bike Leichhardt and ASHBUG have formed the Inner West Bicycle Coalition to present a more unified voice to the recently amalgamated Inner West Council and other authorities like Urban Growth and Westconnex. We are retaining our individual structures for the time being, but will endeavour to cooperate on the bigger issues through the Coalition, which will have a coordinator and input from the three groups.

Early days, and we don't presume to be the only cycling groups in the Inner West, so looking to join forces with others, including people or groups in Canada Bay, Burwood and maybe Canterbury. If interested let me know on

Better still, join one of the three groups above and get in on the action.


(Edit, I added Lilyfield Rd to the title, since that is the first matter we are looking at).

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Bill, 30 kph may suit cyclists on the flat but my data from the steep bit down to the Canal records most cyclist commuters doing 50 to 55 kph. 30 kph here would mean riding the brakes down hill all the way and probably tempt car drivers to overtake anyway.

Bill, I am slow and rarely see 30 let alone 50, guess I need some performance enhancement, but I get there

You can get to 40-45 without pedalling on Lilyfield Rd hill, at least you can get an idea of how the pack feels on the flat on the TdF- about as close as I'll get anyway. Will Lilyfield Rd keep its "last wild river" status, or will the council try to dam the flow with its bidi. It's still on the cards on the hill.

Underneath it all they just want everyone to go slow on their brakes down the hill, so they don't have to address the problems of drivers not looking. I saw another hazard the other day, a driver got in his car, which was in the westbound parking lane, drove down to the nearest side St, did a little leftie and then a fast u turn, not looking behind him. So if following a car down the hill, beware the left/right hook.

Even if cyclists were confined in a Bi-directional ghetto, car drivers in the side streets would still have to look out for other cars. Believe it or not, car traffic descending  Lilyfield Road travel even faster than cyclists.

Hey Bob - not quite on topic but I was thinking of the tree root issue just as you descend onto Bayrun from the old bridge. Saw a rider down, but attended to by some joggers, and it appeared to me as I slowed and passed he came off on the bumps for what ever reason.

Is there a process to report those? Can anything be done? In the dark an unfamiliar rider can come off.



You might email John Stevens, , but maintenance of cyclist road surfaces has never been a strong point in this Council area. Look at the condition of Norton and Marion Streets.

The problem of the path at the western end of the Canal bridge is partly a legacy of the old Leichhardt/Ashfield Council boundary at that point. That is why the Cycleway plans stopped short of the bridge.

Any new design should include widening the path there. This should also include lighting and removing the tree roots and preventing their return. (Unlike the “upgrade” of the Greenway between Marion Street and Parramatta Road where the Council staff simply put more asphalt over the path to cover over the roots.)

I think there is a part 2 of the Bay Run upgrade still to come, which would redo the path from UTS rowers to Lilyfield Rd bridge, and under it too. A number of problems there, including those tree roots. Take a photo and snap send solve it to Innerwest council, or to They might be able to do something in the short term, as it is a hazard. Mention you saw a cyclist down.

Image of a new tunnel in Lyon, the Croix-Rousse. Has bike, ped and bus lanes, 1.7 km long. Cyclists are already complaining about it because of the narrow bike lane and diesel fumes, ingrates, but it has video installations along it. Only need something about half as wide for the City West Cycle Link, and it's through nice soft sandstone, not French granite.

circumstances were similar, in that they had to repair a road tunnel so had all the equipment at hand to put in a ped/bike/bus tunnel next to it.

When they build our version, we must remember to insist on jet fans to clear out those diesel fumes, blowing in the direction of travel of course!

Seriously, what do we have to do to get cyclists to become politically active? Hundreds of cyclists, mainly from the west, do Lilyfield Road twice a day yet how many them did we hear from?

Wasn't advertised further west, which is out of Inner West LGA. Should have been advertised by TfNSW to LGAs further west, since the whole idea behind the cycleway is it is part of a future Regional Route. 

Actually Bill, quite a few cyclists did make their opinions known on the proposal, almost all negative. 

Below is a photo of the dive site for the CWCL, in Charles St, off Lilyfield Rd. 800 m through to Balmain Rd.

Yeah, that's right. The cycleway tunnel will emerge through the cliff face just to the left of derelict house.

It will be fitted out with the latest LED flood lighting and jet fans which will reverse the tunnel wind direction every ten minutes - you simply use the online app to time your entry when the wind is blowing in your direction of travel. 

I have to wonder about wind from a bus in there.


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