Announcing- the Inner West Bicycle Coalition- first up, Lilyfield Rd

Bike Marrickville, Bike Leichhardt and ASHBUG have formed the Inner West Bicycle Coalition to present a more unified voice to the recently amalgamated Inner West Council and other authorities like Urban Growth and Westconnex. We are retaining our individual structures for the time being, but will endeavour to cooperate on the bigger issues through the Coalition, which will have a coordinator and input from the three groups.

Early days, and we don't presume to be the only cycling groups in the Inner West, so looking to join forces with others, including people or groups in Canada Bay, Burwood and maybe Canterbury. If interested let me know on

Better still, join one of the three groups above and get in on the action.


(Edit, I added Lilyfield Rd to the title, since that is the first matter we are looking at).

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I do think the council had that in mind when it proposed the one ways. Plus it did very cleverly allow space for cyclists. Even RMS and SydBuses agreed with the idea. Another case of bike backlash overpowering reason as in

but in this case it has allowed a rethink of the whole project

Why is Jamie Parker petitioning to stop a cycleway which has been "shelved"?

Jamie has been converted to the anti bi-di faction? or just doesnt see the value in it for local voters, which is sort of true, it would have mainly benefited people further west in Sidoti territory. 

= Michelle and I

Latest news on Lilyfield Rd: at the first meeting of the new IW council's Bicycle Working Group it was stated that they would be doing a "concept and design review" of the project. One of the staff said tenders would be called for the review. However another staff member has since said they may not proceed with the project at all. Just where that leaves things I dont know. We would like to see them look at improvements, as outlined in earlier posts, which maybe they can do without going to tender for new consultants.

IWBC also had a meeting last week with RMS and Council about the City West Cycle Link. It is at least being considered, though they pointed out the real problem lies with Sydney trains, who would need to approve any construction in the rail corridor. Also it is not clear which side of the railway cutting would be best to do any tunnelling. Council reckons the south side is best, as otherwise there would have to be a crossing of the new train lines for the huge stabling shed now being built in the railyards near Catherine St. Thanks to the Council for pressing for a meeting, even if it wasnt that encouraging. It'll probably require a Greenway type campaign to get it done....

The meeting also covered the new linear park in the railyard- the area east of Catherine St to Victoria Rd. RMS now has been given this project, since they dont have any big company interested in the Rozelle Interchange and harbour tunnels as yet (if ever). They say a bike path will be constructed from near Catherine St to Anzac Bridge approach, going under Victoria Rd, as was proposed in the Westconnex EIS, with cross connections to The Crescent and Whites Ck, also as originally proposed. And, they are also working on the promised bike link between Iron Cove Bridge and Roberts St- in the "Victoria rd corridor", which left the exact route up in the air. Council has called for bike lanes on both sides of the road, since traffic flows on Victoria Rd are supposed to be greatly reduced once the tunnel from Iron Cove Bridge to the railyards gets built, but RMS wasnt giving anything away on that front.

On the last point, I would like to see more cyclists riding on Victoria Road. As I often do, rejecting the crappy dangerous shared path. I get honked, but so what?

It would be strategic to make a point of seizing lane 1 as a cycle route. Reduced traffic flow should not be a prerequisite for cyclists to utilise that space.

Dan Silberman-Evans is the RMS offficer for Community and Stakeholder Engagement Motorways. He was at the meeting, so maybe a few emails urging RMS to give up some road space on Vic Rd thru Rozelle and ask to be included in further discussions or meetings.

as usual it is a bit complex, I imagine most cyclists heading out of town off the Anzac Bridge would prefer to use the northern /eastern side of Vic Rd to avoid having to cross Vic Rd, and the footbridge won’t be there anyway. Could cross at Robert St I guess, or even a bridge across Vic Rd from the high point to Quirk St, or otherwise you will have to go under Vic Rd on the Railyard path then climb back up a long ramp to Vic Rd, then get past the turn into Lilyfield Rd .... Tunnel from Railyard to Iron Cove anyone?

dan.silburn at

but it’s a good point to beat RMS about the head on. Westconnex claimed traffic would be reduced by something like 40% thru Rozelle. No doubt there will be claims of we need the lanes in case the tunnel collapses, like they say about 6 lanes on Johnston St.

Is it just me or is the website no longer active?

Not working for me either :(

Thanks for reporting. Probably have run out of money in our host account. Will fix. Not much has happened recently anyway and mostly documented on SC.

Thanks @bob and @mikesbytes


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