IWBC was talking to Inner West Council staff today about the proposed Regional Route 7 through Lewisham and Petersham to Newtown. After extracting promises from them that they would try to widen the two way path along Railway Tce near Petersham Station (only 2 m !) and do a few other things, attention turned to the route through Stanmore along Railway AV, on north side of the railway, up to Liberty St. All they could get they said was a 2.2 m path on the railway side, because they had to keep the parking on that side. But a look at Streetview on their big screen showed graphically it is largely parked on by boats and trailers, like sections of Lilyfield Rd, and not fully parked either for most of its length. 

-Why don't you remove the parking and give us another 3 m? But residents wouldn't cop it! They have in Lilyfield. Oh, too hard, would you take 2.4 m? No, we'd prefer to just use the road.  We could narrow the traffic lanes by 200 mm. Regional Routes are supposed to be 3 m wide at least. But RMS said 2 m was OK. Stuff the RMS! Not sure how that one is going to end. 

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On street parking / on street storage is hurting everywhere as Sydney starts to reach the full level.

I think there needs to be a concerted State and Council re-education program to change the entitled mindset regards the right to park / store on public roads. 

It's a safety issue, it's a congestion issue, it's a fairness issue.

Here's a TfNSW grant program focused around the issues of boat storage on public roads:


It mentions an expected 2.9% increase of boat ownership over the next decade, as well as guidelines that Council's can use to impound boat trailers after a certain period of time. 

The public doesn't seem to have an issue with parking being removed to add a traffic lane but they do have an issue with parking being taken away for a bike  path

Can the road be made one-way so residents can keep their stupid parking?

Genius! I should have said that! But, like Lilyfield Rd there would be a resident outcry, and council staff visibly shrunk at any mention of tackling residents.

Much fun to be had with a battery powered drill

awesome - I'll make sure to do the same to your bike when I see it chained to something

you won't

Ok - then I'll just pick a random bike.  Any better?

I don't give a shit

I dropped into the Coles in Pyrmont and at the autocheckout was engaged in conversation by the staffer there. A 40ish guy. Seeing my clothing he asked how I managed to survive out there. I immediately thought he's one of those that sees cyclists from inside a car or bus and I assured him it was not so bad when you are actually "out there". But he quickly informed me he was not a "non-cyclist". Just in Australia. He'd lived in Munich for a few years and said he rode everywhere.  Not here though. We both praised the German cycling infrastructure.

So Bob, make sure those naysayers are aware that when they reject your proposals they are supporting the status quo of people not cycling because it looks dangerous. Perhaps do a "hands up" to see how many of THEM cycled to work that morning. Let me guess... 

Should have asked. A lot of Council staff seem to live well out in the burbs, long commutes, and there is a nice big car park so I imagine most drive, tho could be a few by train there.

Council works offices are on Unwins Bridge Rd, N of Sydenham Station, which is also a street with a long non residential frontage, where parking could be removed to put in a bike path, up to Bedwin Rd bridge near Tempe. If Council staff did ride to work I guess we would see some instant improvements around that area of Sydenham/ Marrickville. Bedwin Rd bridge is a black spot, fast traffic, no shoulder, narrow footpath, needs a clip on bike bridge, but Westconnex/M5 East wouldn't do it, although there will be a bike path along Campbel St  as part of the M5 project. Campbell St is currently being widened. 

Hoping a bike path will be extended on the other side of the railway along Sydney Steel Rd from EdinburghSt to Sydenham Rd, where you could possibly continue on past the station through Steel Park and get on to Carrington Rd. Mirvac plans for Carrington Rd showed a bridge across the railway there, so as much as one would possibly oppose the high rise development, the access would be great.


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