IWBC was talking to Inner West Council staff today about the proposed Regional Route 7 through Lewisham and Petersham to Newtown. After extracting promises from them that they would try to widen the two way path along Railway Tce near Petersham Station (only 2 m !) and do a few other things, attention turned to the route through Stanmore along Railway AV, on north side of the railway, up to Liberty St. All they could get they said was a 2.2 m path on the railway side, because they had to keep the parking on that side. But a look at Streetview on their big screen showed graphically it is largely parked on by boats and trailers, like sections of Lilyfield Rd, and not fully parked either for most of its length. 

-Why don't you remove the parking and give us another 3 m? But residents wouldn't cop it! They have in Lilyfield. Oh, too hard, would you take 2.4 m? No, we'd prefer to just use the road.  We could narrow the traffic lanes by 200 mm. Regional Routes are supposed to be 3 m wide at least. But RMS said 2 m was OK. Stuff the RMS! Not sure how that one is going to end. 

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Bob, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a grass area between the road and railway track.  If so that could be utilised to put the path in with only a small amount of road narrowing.  However that would mean the removal of trees, perhaps balanced by a replanting on the door zone buffer, could even be hedged

Yes, a grassed area with an unpaved footpath and trees, with a cyclone fence on the railway side. Probably a nice shady walk.   They didn't seem keen to remove the trees, but that would work to give a bike path, as in that guide by Mike Harris from STC I put up elsewhere with trees replanted  in the parking lane. 

What they were proposing was to narrow the 12.8 m road to 10.2 m and squeeze  a 2.2 m bike path in between parked cars and existing kerb, with a 400 mm separator.

OK, the joke has run its course.  On the north side some boats got fire bombed and as much as I would hate  having a boat parked outside it doesn't give me the right to do anything about it.  If you object to something then get the relevant authority to act.

On the plus side of boats is that they don't have doors....

There are spells of boat burning in the Inner West too. Some streets have paths that are impassable because people leave boats, cars and bins in the way.

If authorities *will* act, then fine. If they won't, direct action is an option. We who engage in non violent direct action are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the tension that is already alive.

i.e. thinking which applies to our rights and empowerment more widely than boats and the safety of vulnerable road users.

We must not forget that there are principles behind Vision Zero : i.e. one person's convenience may not take priority over everybody else's safety.


So what happens when a burning boat causes something more serious -- like sets someone's house on fire?

No doubt these heroes of civil disobedience work in the early hours of the morning, so there'll be people sleeping in those houses.

What you fail to grasp is that this sort of vandalism will only work in the short term.  People will move to a 'safer' street. So some unlucky neighbour will now have boats in their street instead.

The solution is to lobby councils to enact and prosecute according to the state laws, which can limit the time spent in any one spot.

Anyone who vandalises someone else's property is committing a criminal offense

And committing a criminal offense is not going to win the support of the community

Some creative solutions here, not all vandalistic


Not going to win the support of boat owners perhaps.

I am not sure that the community's sensibilities are worth much anyway.

I grasp a lot actually. Don't patronise me.

straws, for one.

Is this on Railway Av? Boats are on the south side, and not that many. But even a few boats, caravans, trailers and the odd car (with doors) make the kerb lane unusable for bikes.The point is that parking is really not needed on that side, or to put it another way, a better use for the road on that side would be to turn it into a 3 m regional quality bike path. Or the space saved could be reallocated into bike lanes on both sides of the road, giving residents easy access.


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