IWBC was talking to Inner West Council staff today about the proposed Regional Route 7 through Lewisham and Petersham to Newtown. After extracting promises from them that they would try to widen the two way path along Railway Tce near Petersham Station (only 2 m !) and do a few other things, attention turned to the route through Stanmore along Railway AV, on north side of the railway, up to Liberty St. All they could get they said was a 2.2 m path on the railway side, because they had to keep the parking on that side. But a look at Streetview on their big screen showed graphically it is largely parked on by boats and trailers, like sections of Lilyfield Rd, and not fully parked either for most of its length. 

-Why don't you remove the parking and give us another 3 m? But residents wouldn't cop it! They have in Lilyfield. Oh, too hard, would you take 2.4 m? No, we'd prefer to just use the road.  We could narrow the traffic lanes by 200 mm. Regional Routes are supposed to be 3 m wide at least. But RMS said 2 m was OK. Stuff the RMS! Not sure how that one is going to end. 

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yup, a quality bike path would be good use of the space along the lines of vision zero

Inner West Council is debating the boat trailer and advertising trailer issue on Tuesday night, item 5 on the Agenda. Report on the effectiveness of new regs Is worth a read.


Report says new rules have worked ok for advertising trailers and unregistered trailers, although if it is a trailer used by a company in its day to day operations they can't do anything.

They say trailers can be impounded after 28 days but they have to give 15 days notice, so that is 43 days all up before they can act. And an owner has only to shift the trailer out of the block.  But boats are another matter, risky and difficult to move a boat and store it, so  the new regs aren't good enough. Hard to find the owner of the boat too.

The main roads they say are problems are Lilyfield Rd, Darley Rd and Railway Pde (the later in Annandale). These are all bike routes proposed to be upgraded in the Bike Plan, so the trailer problem, and the truck problem and the car problem, could be solved by just banning parking on the non residential sides of these roads and using the space to create bike lanes or paths. No commercial uses either on those roads.

Darley Rd has already got a bike path from Allen St to Lyall St, and this could be extended to the Leichhardt North light rail, and maybe to the City West Link once Westconnex has finished- Dan Murphys there will be demolished for the dive site for the tunnels under Leichhardt. 

Parking on the railway side of Lilyfield Rd  is supposed to be removed if the cycleway project ever gets approved, could be done anyway even it it doesn't approved exactly as proposed. (Latest on that is a public meeting on 29 May at the Secondary College in Balmain Rd (Leichhardt High)).

Seeking support for parking bans on these and other similar streets with non residential sides (but these in particular right now) streets to provide space for cyclists and solve the trailer issue at the same time, so please email councillors over the weekend.


dear Clr, the three roads mentioned are all current bike routes and are in the Leichhardt Bike Plan,  listed for upgrades. The boats and trailers can be hazardous to cyclists if parked badly, but more importantly the space taken up by parking on the non residential sides of these roads and others in the municipality could be better allocated to bike paths or lanes. Please raise this at the Council meeting on the 5/5 and ask that council ban all parking on one side of these roads to allow for bicycle lanes or paths to be installed. Please also include Brenan St in Annandale in the list, as boats are now being parked there.

councillors:  Darcy.byrne@innerwest.nsw.gov.au, marghanita.da.cruz@innerwest.nsw.gov.au, rochelle.porteus@innerwest.nsw.gov.au, John.stamolis@innerwest.nsw.gov.au, Tom.kiat@innerwest.nsw.gov.au, mark.drury@innerwest.nsw.gov.au, Pauline.lockie@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

Hi Bob, specific to the advertising trailers, Waverley Council went after these under completely different laws.

Rather than parking offences, they pinged them under planning regs.

Specifically, under certain criteria they can be deemed "Illegal Advertising Structures" and fined on that basis. Moreover, the fines are much higher, around $1500. I believe Woollahra are using this approach too.

The criteria they use:

Remains in position for a significant length of time (ie: it's not being used as a trailer for the conveyance of goods)

Has obvious advertising signage which hampers its practical use as a trailer.

You could pass this idea on to your local councillors.

" Specifically, under certain criteria they can be deemed "Illegal Advertising Structures" and fined on that basis. Moreover, the fines are much higher, around $1500. I believe Woollahra are using this approach too."

What are the penalties for parked trailer advertisements?

The changes introduced $1500 fines for individuals and $3000 for businesses who advertise on trailers parked on roads, footpaths, nature strips and road shoulders or where trailer advertising is displayed on private land, without development consent. Local council will issue the fines.

Bob, Inner West Council should have known the new Advertising and Signage rules.


I think it was just my inaccurate paraphrasing, they have used those powers on advertising, its the boat trailers that are more difficult.


Legislation Changes:


On 1 March 2018, amendments to the State Environmental Planning Policy No. 64 – Advertising and Signage (SEPP 64) came into effect. These changes included the following:

  • Banning advertisements on parked trailers on roads, road shoulders, footpaths and nature strips, excluding advertising that is ancillary to the dominant purpose of the trailer, e.g. trade trailers, and public authorities
  • Requiring consent for displaying signage on trailers parked on private land in view from roads, road shoulders, footpaths and nature strips"


Council decided last night to put up signs banning parking on a number of roads, but excepting "motor vehicles weighing less than 4.5 tonnes GVM". So no boats and trailers, but white vans and small trucks and cars can still take up the shoulder lane. 

On other roads they can fine advertising trailers under the new state laws, unless advertising is   "ancillary", ie trailers that are actually used in running business. Expect a few dodgy trailers were it will be hard to decide if advertising is ancillary.


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