Another close call creates a victim of the motorist

RANT MODE = overdrive

WTF. This pisses me off.

Some quotes:

“He hit the car several times so I am unsure whether or not if I came close to hitting him or had touched him. I did not know which is why I had pulled over to find out what the problem was and make sure he was okay.”

OR I HAD TOUCHED HIM!!!! How about this, perhaps you should look out for more vulnerable road users while driving.

And then of course this:

“If they are road users like everybody else in a vehicle with wheels they should be paying for the privilege like we all do,” she said.

“There are a lot of these cyclists go up and down this narrow roads … I’ve seen many times, two or three abreast. It is not right.

F*cking rego argument again. Hey, if she ever got out of the car, she uses the footpath, how about she get registered to pay for the work done maintaining them?

Also how about the fact that the majority of roadworks is covered by taxes and not rego.

Can we get some requirements that motorists have a basic understanding of how things work before they get their license?


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Now, what if the cyclist comes forward and paints a picture where the driver nearly killed him because of her actions! Perhaps he removed the keys because she was a danger to other road users! Do you think that will get a mention anywhere? 

The cyclist would likely get charged with leaving the scene of an accident

Painted like this, perhaps?
"Shortly after I was attacked with a deadly weapon (the car), I managed to disarm my assailant by rendering the weapon inoperable. Still in shock, naturally I fled for my safety."


No one looking into this incident would ever have been in the situation the cyclist was likely put in. They just won't be able to relate to the riders actions.

We (people who ride bicycles) have. Regularly. So can totally understand the riders response - even if it crossed a line.

The Police should charge the driver for wasting their time, counsel them on why a bike rider might get angry with their driving. Reinforce it is a privilege that costs billions in $ and much more in loss of life.


complete cognitive dissonance on the part of the driver.

If he could reach out and bang on your car, you were too close to him!

I slammed my fist into a car window, right side rear.

Driver "Why did you punch my car?"

Me "Because I could"

I was fuming at the driver undertook me entering a round about and we were both going straight - and I was not riding slowly.

Not sure if motorists don't understand the danger they pose , don't care about the danger they pose or a combination of both.


Driver "Why did you punch my car?"

That sounds like a fairly restrained response by the driver. I had a very close pass a couple of weeks ago, on the downhill bit of Glebe Point Rd between St Johns Rd and Broadway. It was the closest pass I've had in 20 years riding, and completely pointless as there was a queue of stopped cars further down the hill. Inevitably I caught up with him, intending to say a few words, however his windows were closed so I thumped the left quarter panel as I filtered past. He didn't like that, and caught up with me at the Broadway lights. To do that, he had to illegally pass, on the wrong side of the road, all the other cars that I had filtered past while they were stopped.

He wanted to beat me up, but we were kept apart by a number of bystanders at the Broadway corner. I now regret that I did not obtain anyone's contact details for witness purposes. I have reported this to police, was interviewed and later received an incident number. Haven't heard anything further - and might not, because I assessed my chances of a successful action as fairly remote. I do however remember his numberplate (he was on his green Ps), and will steer clear if I see him again.

I'm rethinking this thing about thumping cars that pass too close or otherwise endanger me.


Yep.  Pretty normal reaction from what I've seen.

I did have success in one situation where I was assaulted for taking photographs of a car who had hit and run a pedestrian.  No harm done, but it wasn't a scrappy scuffle.  Lots of witnesses. I don't know the full details of the result but I presume the driver ended up pleading guilty to assault and coping a fine.  (I didn't have to give further statements.)

Another time one guy tried to king hit me from behind following a bang on a quarter panel when he cut me off.  Traffic was stopped ahead and he got up out of his car and ran 50m to punch me in the head.  His lack of coordination amounted to nothing.  We then squared off but he seemed confused by the fact that I neither wanted to fight nor flight.  He eventually retreated back to his car after trying to continue to assert his masculinity.....

I don't think it is a coincidence that the only times I've had threats of assault is when I've been riding a bike.  The hate is a joke.

The link is no good.

Looks like move their stories behind the pay wall after a day.

Here's the text:

A cyclist has taken a driver’s keys and thrown them into bushland after Tremont road rage incident

WHEN a Lycra-clad cyclist launched a frightening road-rage attack, all Naomi Cooper could think of were her daughter’s screams from the back seat of their car.

The mum of four spoke out about the alarming clash when an enraged cyclist reached into her car, grabbed her keys out of the ­ignition and threw them into bushland on Mt Dandenong.

Her 12-year-old daughter Grace, who has Down syndrome, screamed in terror as the incident unfolded about 2.30pm on Tuesday.

Ms Cooper was driving past the Devil’s Elbow on Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd, Tremont, when she heard a sudden banging on her car. She was on her way to pick up her mother from hospital.

Did you see anything? Send your pictures and footage to

“I was in the middle of the hairpin bend and as I was ­coming out of it, I heard this thud on the back of my car and all the way up the side,” she said. “I look up and there is this cyclist in full Lycra screaming and yelling at me.

“When I pulled over and turned the ignition off, he put his hand in the (open) window, grabbed my keys out of the ignition and threw them over the car and down the hill.”

Ms Cooper said her first thoughts had been for her daughter’s safety.

“When that first thud hit, she jumped and started screaming my name,” she said.

“I was terrified because that bang on my back window was like a rock had hit the car and Grace. It was a scary moment, I’m definitely traumatised.”

Cyclist's close call with a prime mover

It is believed the cyclist was unhappy with Ms Cooper’s driving, but he rode off without an explanation.

Officers from Belgrave police station arrived and were able to find the keys after a search in long grass.

“I just wish I knew what his problem had been, because he just kept swearing and never told me what issue he’d had with my driving,” she said.

“I passed several cyclists that day with no problems ­because I always give them a wide berth.”

She called the police and they found the keys about 20 minutes later.

Naomi said she’d love for cyclists to have registration.

“If they are road users like everybody else in a vehicle with wheels they should be paying for the privilege like we all do,” she said.

“There are a lot of these cyclists go up and down this narrow roads … I’ve seen many times, two or three abreast. It is not right.

“I have never had a problem with a cyclist in 10 years living up here in the hills.”

Naomi said the officers offered icy cold water and calmed her and her daughter — who has Down syndrome.

She went to Belgrave Police Station today to say thanks.

The Devil's Elbow on the Mt Dandenong Tourist Road is a tight turn.



Police are appealing for help identifying the caucasian cyclist, who was wearing ­orange, red, white and yellow Lycra. He has been described as thin and up to 183cm tall.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Belgrave police on 9754 6677.

Replying to self to differentiate my comment from the story.

Looking at the image (below) there are two lanes going up the hill, so there is NO excuse why the driver was so close to the cyclist that the cyclist was able to hit her car. Perhaps they should use this fact to charge her with unsafe passing - hey didn't they pass a bullshit law about "a metre matters"? I suppose she has just found out why a metre matters.

I doubt if we'll find out what really happened without the cyclist coming forward, but my bet was he was apexing during the descent (single lane downhill, from the right in above photo), and she pulled out of one of the three side streets (behind camera pos, see this street view coming downhill)

typical 'SMIDSY' - which is why cyclist was inside her (as reported) and banging on her car.


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