Another close call creates a victim of the motorist

RANT MODE = overdrive

WTF. This pisses me off.

Some quotes:

“He hit the car several times so I am unsure whether or not if I came close to hitting him or had touched him. I did not know which is why I had pulled over to find out what the problem was and make sure he was okay.”

OR I HAD TOUCHED HIM!!!! How about this, perhaps you should look out for more vulnerable road users while driving.

And then of course this:

“If they are road users like everybody else in a vehicle with wheels they should be paying for the privilege like we all do,” she said.

“There are a lot of these cyclists go up and down this narrow roads … I’ve seen many times, two or three abreast. It is not right.

F*cking rego argument again. Hey, if she ever got out of the car, she uses the footpath, how about she get registered to pay for the work done maintaining them?

Also how about the fact that the majority of roadworks is covered by taxes and not rego.

Can we get some requirements that motorists have a basic understanding of how things work before they get their license?


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The story doesn't say whether she was going up or down the hill. I'd say that a cyclist could take that corner quicker than a car could do, so I'm going to assume she was going up.

She stated that the cyclist hit her car several times, perhaps he hit it not with his fist, but with his handlebars, then his shoulder, then his hip, then his hand as he managed to push himself away from a near death experience.

She states that she didn't know what happened and all the cyclist was doing was swearing at her. Perhaps he was saying things like "You f**king stupid b**tch, you f**cking nearly f**king killed me. How about you f**king open your f**king eyes"

But I would love it if the police had said to her - if you were close enough to the cyclist to have him hit your car, you were less than 1 metre, here have a ticket.

Victoria has not passed any close passing laws which saves the Vic Police from having to ignore enforcing them like everywhere else. Quite some cyclist if he banged on the back of the car then "all along the side" (ie faster than the car) while riding up a fairly steep hill , into a tight turn all with one hand on the bars

Sadly what the non cycling drivers and police do not understand is how terifying it is to have your life and health jeopardised by what is in many instances an incident caused by innatention rather than intent.  Whilst responses many not be justified and are counterproductive they shoukd be viewed in light of the circumstances.  Given a choice between having my life theatened or someone chucking my keys in the bush i would need only a nano second to make my choice on which i would prefer

Thanks for the reproduction.

Publishing the offending driver's name is not so clever.

I wonder if chucking keys away is an offence.

I was told that in cases of driver aggression, it isn't since removing the keys prevents the driver from using the vehicle as a weapon (any more). It's a self-defence tactic therefore.

Popcorn while we see what happens. Hopefully the cyclist keeps quiet while hoping keys are not recovered.

So the State Liberals latest gift of free rego if you contribute a lot to private toll company profits will be a problem for these motorists as they will lose the right to use normal roads becsuse they are no longer paying for the privilege .

unfortunately under current NSW laws and Police Policy available on their website there is no protection given to cyclists in these scenarios  unless serious injury arises.  I was recently hit by a car which failed to give way at a roundabout and sent  flying acrros the road. On calling the police they advised (in line with published policy) that this was not considered a police matter as I was not seriously injured,  and they had no authority to take action, take statements, issue a warning  or even take an incident report.  Effectively unless you are seriosuly injured  it would appear that under current NSW policy you have no protection.  As a regular cyclists we should never condone taking action into our own hands as this generally exacerbates the problem and further drives a rift between cyclists and motorists.  Nevertherless it should be an issue of community outrage that hitting a cyclist is not considered a police matter, frankly If i knocked over a pedestrian on a pedestrain crossing I would expect that the police should view this as a serious incident, irrespective of whether the pedestrian was injured or not

This is why Strict Liability should be the main goal all bicycle advocacy groups. Not 1 metre or helmets.



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