Burns Bay Road (again). Well inside 1m; in fact he pulled in even closer as he passed me. Unfortunately I didn't have the front camera running, so don't have this angle.

Given the location, I guess it's from the Chatswood station, which is the same place I have had complaints about this type of driving routinely dismissed and ridiculed.

What to do next, I wonder?

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number plate CG91GC?

Make an appointment with the station commander.

NS is North Sydney. So there would be the place to go.

Fundamental to this is the need to advocate mandating the removal of deadly door lanes, which as we know cause conflict on both sides of the bicycle of course.

No, NS is from Chatswood.

Burns Bay Rd, and really all of the Lane Cove area bike lanes are all hopeless green stripes painted in the door zone.

I wonder if Burns Bay Rd could be improved the same way Amherst St has been - get rid of the bike lane on the downhill heading west - riders can kick along at a decently fast speed and the need for a bike lane is not critical.

By doing this, the centre line can be moved over a bit and a wider bike lane can be put in on the uphill eastern direction - getting the riders out of the door zone a little, and also giving cars some more space to get past.

I like this idea, the same was done on Lilyfield Rd, Lilyfield and Mount St, Coogee.  Have a look here.

See the streetview shot in the attached file. You cansee where the centre linehas been moved over.

Awkward. Perhaps it could be worthwhile getting somebody from BNSW to help, or even accompany you to the police station. Might get a better response from the cops.

And if they say you were riding too wide of the parked cars, show them THIS:

I think the driver in that video deserves some praise for driving in a manner that enabled them to stop in time. (Even though that is required by them)

I thought that too. They did very good to stop. I wonder if the car had autonomous braking and if it kicked in...

Why is there a painting of a bicycle within a door zone?  Perhaps the officer wanted you to risk your life?

It's like letting tax cheaters be in charge of ATO or something

Please forgive them. They know not what they do.

My experience tells me that many NSW Police are no better educated in NSE road rules than the general public.


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