Burns Bay Road (again). Well inside 1m; in fact he pulled in even closer as he passed me. Unfortunately I didn't have the front camera running, so don't have this angle.

Given the location, I guess it's from the Chatswood station, which is the same place I have had complaints about this type of driving routinely dismissed and ridiculed.

What to do next, I wonder?

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If you're going to take it further, can I suggest you go and have a chat to them with the intention of gentle education, not complaint or prosecution.

Its a bitter pill to swallow, but will be infinitely more productive for everyone.

The best outcome would be a explanatory conversation with the driver at the time.

And the engineers who put the markings in BUrns Bay Rd are pretty poorly educated too.

Interesting use of logos back upstream at a refuge. The uphill logo is outside a shoulder lane past a refuge, even though a green bike lane starts immediately after. The downhil logo is right next to a car parked too close to the refuge ( NoStopping sign incorrectly placed - should be about 30 m from the centre of the refuge by RMS guideline).

Also along there, a green bike lane past a side street delivers a cyclist into the door zone of the first parked car after the side street.

Someone orta point this out to RMS or council, whoever put the logos in, and ask them why the Amhurst Rd /Lilyfield Rd example couldn't have been followed.
first image mentioned above- can't seem to load more than one.

Bad Engineering usually means they didn't pay for an actual Engineer.

I've been involved with Lane Cove Council during their last round of cancelled cycle path planning.

Badly executed green paint is as good as it's going to get around here.

For all the aggro with a couple of councillors in Mosman Council, the cycle route improvement work they have been doing blows LCC completely into the weeds.

Yes, it's very poorly done. A while ago, they removed the old markings, and it was so much better to ride on. I wrote about it here. https://chillikebab.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/fingertips/

However, they then put the markings back in, and it went back to being a conflict zone. And as you say, many of the markings are ambiguous, verging on lethal...

Contact a journalist? Shame them publicly (more so)?

Why - what's the point?

Adversarial conflict doesn't help anyone.. and it'll just highlight to the public that the cops maybe don't care about passing laws, so why should they?


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