Burns Bay Road (again). Well inside 1m; in fact he pulled in even closer as he passed me. Unfortunately I didn't have the front camera running, so don't have this angle.

Given the location, I guess it's from the Chatswood station, which is the same place I have had complaints about this type of driving routinely dismissed and ridiculed.

What to do next, I wonder?

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Yes, it's very poorly done. A while ago, they removed the old markings, and it was so much better to ride on. I wrote about it here. https://chillikebab.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/fingertips/

However, they then put the markings back in, and it went back to being a conflict zone. And as you say, many of the markings are ambiguous, verging on lethal...

Contact a journalist? Shame them publicly (more so)?

Why - what's the point?

Adversarial conflict doesn't help anyone.. and it'll just highlight to the public that the cops maybe don't care about passing laws, so why should they?

I took the footage and my complaint to Chatswood police station this afternoon. They are 'looking into it'. Although I did have to educate the Duty Officer about the difference between 'bike lanes' and 'bike symbols'. That cry of 'get in the bike lane' is so pervasive...

I got a call from a senior office from the traffic division yesterday,

He went through the scenario with me, although he said we wished he had the actual video - I explained the cop on the front desk had refused to take it from me...

He then asked me what I wanted to happen; what action I wanted.

I said that at a minimum, I wanted the driver spoken to, reminded of his obligations and a general reminder given to all police drivers to leave much more than 1m when passing cyclists.

We spoke about this quite a bit, too and fro, and he was polite, sympathetic and clearly aware that the police driver had done the wrong thing. I did have to do more education about the 'bike lane' though, as he hinted at one point I should have been 'in the bike lane'...

So the driver is going to be spoken to. Perhaps I should have pushed harder for more action. But I got an apology, which to be honest is what I wanted.

Well done - I think this is a good outcome.

+1. Now for the rest of the population. Did you mention the UK West Midland Police campaign on close passing?


Great work.

The issue you found re lack of sufficient knowledge of bike route v/s "Cycle Lane" is common.

I wonder what the Police process is when new laws are put out there?

How they keep up to date?

Maybe THEY need to be retested often :-)

Doing as you did and going door knocking Police Stations could be a great way of getting the Police to understand our point of view and gain understanding of there cyclists are coming from!


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