Happened outside my office building. Looked bad. Hope he is ok.

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We now have to date the title as they happen so often?

Are we more sensitive and notice the stories more, are the media reporting them more or are they happening more?

Why does media feel compelled to always report on the cyclists head ware ?

Agree, on both issues. But helmets are not the issue here. Helmet do not prevent accidents.

Did they report the driver of the truck was not talking on his phone or was wearing his seat belt? No.

I hope the guy is OK - does not look good.

They'll report if an occupant was apparently not wearing their seatbelt and subsequently got ejected.

pointing out helmets don't prevent accidents?

More that helmets don't prevent head injuries.

Good morning, I can tell you from personal experience, that a helmet does prevent head injuries. I have had 2 incidents, one while road riding and one while mountain biking where I have come off and the helmet has been cracked. I am certain that there would have been a serious head injury if a helmet had not been worn. Mjog, in this case it most probably preventing him being killed. Helmets work people, wear them.... every ride

ride at a speed and on a bike that creates a safer experience perhaps?

Here's a fun fact to bemuse and amaze.

From all the research and statistics I've read the chances of suffering a serious or fatal head injury whilst riding a bicycle are vanishingly small.

Whereas from all the anecdotes I've read the chances of a bicycle helmet saving someone from a serious or fatal head injury whilst riding a bicycle is all too common.

Why limit it to every ride?  You could wear it around the house, to the pub (esp. in King's Cross!), out walking and while driving your car too.


or while wearing a condom, damn those wooden bed heads

That's funny, because if the helmet cracked, then it failed - helmets are designed to absorb force by compression.

In any case, I've been in at least a dozen collisions with cars over the years - twice landing me in ambulance rides to hospital emergency rooms. None of which a helmet (in the cases where I was wearing one) helped any. So who wins? My meaningless anecdotal evidence or yours?

Why does media feel compelled to always report on the cyclists head ware ?

It's probably because he suffered head injuries and they were confirming that he was wearing a helmet.


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