South Australia now has a safe passing distance enshrined in law.

Footpath cycling too.

Kudos to AGF, SCA and other organisations that have advocated for safe passing distance laws.

Brickbats to BV/BN or whatever they call themselves this week, for their opposition to safe passing laws.

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Great news for South Australian cyclists, if we ever get this in NSW I expect it to be cynically linked to licences, insurance, higher fines or some other anti cyclist measures as a "balance" to show Mr Gay has not "gone soft" on cyclists.

Mr Gay said: "The cycling safety roundtable considered issues including a minimum passing distance, identification of cyclists, road rules applying to cyclists, road user awareness of cyclists and insurance."

"Safe" passing regulations will have to be linked to new and existing driver education / awareness advertising and enforcement.

Cyclists in the Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT where this is "being considered" should prod the consideration along a bit.

Boo / hiss BV/BN

"Opposition frontbencher Corey Wingard expressed concern about any overtaking of cyclists which could put motorists on the wrong side of double lines.

"That becomes a really big concern. We see commonsense being a key to the implementation of these regulations because if people do start to get paranoid, if people do start to swerve to really avoid cyclists and push over into other lanes that can become a problem," he said."

Comments like this really piss me off. If you are driving and you come across a cyclist and there is oncoming traffic, JUST F'ING WAIT. 

Yes, I often get a fellow Moterrorist gesticulating wildly in my rear view mirror, when i hang back and let a fellow cyclist clear parked cars on narrow stretches (Queens Rd, Five Dock, Fairlight street etc, or some of the back roads around Glebe/Annandale).

What do you do? I'm not going to endanger a vulnerable road user to satisfy some boofhead in a hurry, or put my self at risk by sweeping wide into the opposing lane. as you say JUST F'ING WAIT. Maybe we should hashtag that?  #justf'ingwaitsydneydrivers

Remember to remove the apostraphe from the hashtag or various systems will recognise it as #justf. And that doesn't mean anything. ;^)

Excellent news for SA, would love to see this in NSW but....

Mr Mullighan said the one-metre clearance already applied in Queensland and was being considered for Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT.

NSW is missing from that statement.....

Good coverage on the Guardian. Keen to see how many times the 1 metre passing rule actually gets enforced. Love the footpath ruling and hope to see it in Sydney, hopefully Gay sees the light or better yet gets replaced soon.

"hopefully Gay .......... gets replaced soon."

Better still, if the whole liarberal mob got turfed out because of their ideological arrogance on so many issues!  Unfortunately the alternative doesn't fill you with warm fuzzies either!

Now I'm getting all nostalgic for my old home town. Adelaide sometime lives up the the legacy of great social reforming politician like Don Dunstan, he'd have been for it, I can see him in my minds eye riding his bike around the streets wearing his short shorts safari suit. Ah they were the days!

Adelaide! Flat as a billiard table and connected cycleways. It's a dream cycling there.

Get your submission in opposing WestConnex.  Closing date is 2 November.  Tell Roads Minister Duncan Gay & Co that just 10% of the 15 Billion dollars being wasted on the WestConnex Motorway could separate cars and bikes throughout the entire Sydney Metrop. Area, saving cyclists' lives and making motoring faster, etc etc

Google will take you to any number of anti-WestConnex sites. 

Got a link to the submission page you mention?


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