Another Have Your Say- Sydney Western Harbour Tunnel Project

Another drag and drop map where you can make comments on all parts of the project including the proposed cycle links in Lilyfield, Rozelle, Anzac Bridge approach,  North Sydney at High St and Ernest St and more. Open till October 18.

Download the Updated plans at

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Latest plan for The Crescent/Railyard/Anzac Bridge approach area. Not very detailed. 

They have modified the “land bridge” in last years EIS. This was to bea wide foot/cycle bridge over the City West Link at The Crescent. It is now a skinnier ramp and bridge, starting back at Johnston St/Chapman Rd with a spiral ramp,  and running along next to the railway to The CWL. 

A path is evident running E/W along the Railyard to the Victoria rd underpass. No connection to the Anzac Bridge approach is shown but presumably there will be one. Or you could use James Craig Drive and up to the bridge at the Digger, dicing it with heavy port trucks on Somerville Rd. 

Points you could make on the Have Your Say:

not enough detail on cycling routes and connections.

Can’t list out what other people are saying. tedious to click on comments individually.

save Buruwan Park ( the park near the Rozelle. bay LR station, with its convenient access to The Crescent.)

Sommerville Rd under the Anzac Bridge unsuitable as a cycle link to the Anzac Bridge. No shoulder, many trucks.

E/W path through the railyards should be extended to Robert St in Rozelle so a flat route to East Balmain can be achieved

Victoria Rd should have bike lanes, now that traffic flow is predicted to decrease after tunnel from Iron Cove to the Railyard is built- not shown on map but you can drop a marker or two.

There is also a plan for the cycling routes in North Sydney area, where others will have more expertise than I do. 

And while you are dragging and dropping have a go at the Sydney Gateway project too. I think I got in first.

RMS's latest promotional material, for the Western Harbour Tunnel, conveniently omits the vent stacks in Rozelle / Balmain.  They say the stacks are part of the other, M4/M5 project. Shifty!


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