Another hit-and-run driver, this time a 13 year old victim in VIC who is now in coma

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These kids are always getting in the way of motor cars... perhaps we could have them wear hi-vis whilst in classrooms and helmets too? Wildly inappropriate to post sarcastically about this but nothing will be done to stop this from happening.

Thoughts and prayers for the child who went in to cardiac arrest - that always helps I've heard.


Further to my last, SMH have updated the online story to say that 2 of these children have passed away. Makes me physically ill. 

A few weeks ago I got an alert on my phone "kids safe vehicle fire not at school" in relation to a big "accident" near my sons school where a car practically exploded.

I really hope Slater and Gordon are already on the scene, between the Education Department and RMS they should extract every last dollar they can.


I am pretty sure the term accident was used or quoted in the article, even while the part of checking the drivers phone was mentioned.

Just so sad that these lives are simply considered collateral damage.

She was also using the teachers car park which had a massive sign out the front saying that it wasn’t for dropping off kids. So she broke numerous rules and now two children are dead. My heart breaks for the children and their poor teacher. So many lives hAve been changed by someone’s ‘accident’, an accident that happened because she broke rules that obviously didn’t apply to her.

Nothing has changed though...outside of my local school yesterday a parent decided to double park next to the pedestrian crossing causing massive problems for others and risking the safety of those using the ped crossing.
They might have to reconsider the layout of that car park, and remove the spot snuggled up to the class rooms in top left. So many signs outside that school about not double parking and not parking near crossings and where to drop kids off, parents and their Klugers must be a real problem.

Our school is exactly the same - the Principal stares at the drivers as they double park and stop in no stopping zones obscuring lines of sight to crossing.

The parents do not care. They would rather kids are killed than having to walk a block. Seriously.


Call the local council and ask them to send a ranger to enforce the parking rules.

send a ranger they wild do. enforce the parking rules very rarely. we've got regular police cars that park in the no stopping zone opposite the school and never once have I seen them leave the car. they have more of an effect of approving the existing behaviour by their lack of enforcement

There was an early swell of anger against Ms Al-Shennag, who was charged on Tuesday afternoon with two counts of dangerous driving causing death and had her licence suspended.

Police were quick to dismiss the tragedy as a deliberate act and are investigating whether the mother of four had become distracted after dropping something into a footwell as she entered the staff-only carpark.

But support was also growing for her after her lawyer posted a message that Ms Al-Shennag was "deeply sorry for the loss and hurt suffered by the children, the school, the families and the community".

Knowing that I or my children can be a victim of a distracted driver who is deeply sorry after the fact and gaining support makes me all warm and fuzzy inside

A woman has handed herself in over the Coburg hit-and-run that knocked a 13-year-old girl off her bike and left the teenager fighting for life.

The 41-year-old was arrested on Thursday, three days after the teenager was hit by a BMW as she crossed the intersection  of Bell and Sussex streets about 8pm on Sunday.

The woman, from Sunshine North, went to her lawyer's office in Little Lonsdale Street in the CBD shortly before 11am, before police took her into custody.

From SMH/ Victoria

Updated headline, " She knew we were going to name her "

She is charged with dangerous driving causing serious injury, failing to stop after a serious injury collision, failing to render assistance after a serious injury collision and failing to exchange name and address or report a collision.


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