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Our thoughts and best wishes go to SXCC member Brendan Braid who was knocked from his bike by a car (hit and run) this morning while riding through Garrawarra. Thankfully, apart from a broken ankle and bruising and a very broken bike (see photo), he is ok. An ambulance took him to St George Hospital where is being patched up. Get well quickly Brendan! (PS The driver did not stop. It was a blue Laser with P plates and a Victorian number plate. If you see a car like this please take note of the registration number for the police)

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That's Tues. I might go along.

You can get a list of cases the day before , but I dont know how they work it,  seems like they dont stick to a set order. Must depend on who turns up and who is ready. Anyone know the system? Could be a long day.

Is it at Waverley again?

No, Downing Centre is on corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool, city. Old Mark Foys. Bike parking in the lobby!

The system is that the basically call cases one after another, until they are all done. If for some reason a case is delayed, they call the next one. Sometimes this means they may do half a trial, then switch to something else, and then come back to the original one later.

This means it's impossible to tell when an individual case will be called (all court attendees are required to be there all day), but if the case is more than half-way down the list it's unlikely that it will be heard before lunchtime.

Note though that if the case is just there for a 'mention', unless he immediately pleads guilty to all charges (in which case it moves directly to sentencing) this will probably not be the trial, it's just a 5 minute preliminary to ensure that the case is ready, and to set the date.

Wheels do move very slowly; nothing sinister about that.There was about six months between me receiving my helmet fine and actually getting to court to defend myself.

Van-Rysewyk, 25, pleaded guilty to negligent driving occasionally grievous bodily harm and failing to stop and assist following an accident, at Kiama Local Court on Monday.

She will return to court on May 21 for sentencing.

The bitch is going to be somebody's bitch.

How so?
Likely she will get a fine not exceeding $2,000 & a disqualification from driving not exceeding12 months.

At the very worst, a suspended sentence.

I do hope I'm wrong.

Was she charged under Brendan's Law?

"Van-Rysewyk pleaded guilty to negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm and failing to stop and assist following an accident, at Kiama Local Court on Monday"

Brendan's law

So I'm not sure, but it seems to be the case. Unfortunately although the legislation allows high penalties I don't see a requirement for a minimum sentence and have no clue about guidelines.

There are 2 counts she pleaded guilty to.

The maximum penalty for the offence of negligent driving causing grievous bodily harm is a fine of $2200.00 or imprisonment for 9 months or both (for a first offence).

She is being heard in a local court so : 

The maximum penalty for this offence is two years imprisonment in the Local Court.

ie : Maximum of $2200 , maximum of 2 years imprisonment and likely disqualification of 1 year (which is really pointless IF she gets any time)  

PS: Don't you just love the lawyers page (if you were a criminal driver) ? 

Arrgh so we have penalties under Brendan's Law that won't ordinarily be applied.

It's also bizarre that a person who has shown she is psychologically unfit to drive will be allowed to drive again. WTF.


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