Very very sad to report the closure of City Bike Depot on Kent Street in the city. After 10 years of hard work and much dedication to the industry Hugh Flower has had to close the store. He is a true gentleman and the industry has lost a very strong advocate. It was through his encouragement, and the help of the crew at CBD I moved on from being a simple commuter who saw a bike as a mode of transport, to the passionate, competitive bicycle loving person I am now. I will sadly miss Hugh, Allison and all the team. The loss of a store that stocks such a wide range of brands will be missed. 

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I just went in. Couldn't tell what, if anything, was actually 'on sale'. There was a decent amount of stock still in there but the place was filled with people waiting in lines. I left without a thing.

Everything is cost + 5% apparently. Looks like you would need to take the afternoon off to buy anything though.

I hear that the store will re-open under the Monza banner. They are the local Cannondale importers.

There are many rumours out there, I would just wait and see what happens. 


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